Community of Christ

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Youth Ideas

We Are Your People

This service would be particularly appropriate at the end of the summer after the camping season is over, when the youth have testimonies to share of their experiences.

Guitar or other appropriate music selected by the youth.

Welcome by a youth

Call to Worship

Reader 1:    

From different walks of life,
From different generations,
With different experiences,
We gather to be your people, O God.

All Readers: Spirit, breathe in us like a rushing wind.

Reader 2:    

Our paths are lined with sorrow,
Yet we often travel alone.
Help us journey together instead.

All Readers: Spirit, breathe in us like a rushing wind.

Reader 3:    

Guide us in your way.
Transform us as servants.
Let our touch convey the grace of Your Son.

Hymns of Praise: "Humble Yourself”  CCS 211
OR "I Will Sing, I Will Sing"  CCS 112

Invocation by a youth


Disciples’ Generous Response

Scripture: Luke 6:38


God shares in abundance "good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over." As we accept God’s limitless generosity, we can do nothing less than respond with giving our all—not just money, but generously give our lives. We belong to God anyway, all we have belongs to God, so this part of our service is one of the ways that we acknowledge God’s blessings. The song we will share as our offering is received is based on Luke 6:38.

Blessing and Receiving of Mission Tithes

Music: Play "Give to the Lord" on CD by Ron Kenoly High Places: The Best of Hosanna Music (Sony, Catalog #68574). ASIN: B000002C2L

Ask two or three youth to share testimonies from the camping season.

Song: "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” (campfire song)
OR “Meet Me in a Holy Place”  CCS 162

The Power of Prayer

All but one of the youth line up at the front of the sanctuary or form a semicircle around the front depending on how many there are and the available space. Each holds two signs with one word printed on them—opposite words like fear/trust, jealousy/contentment, selfish/generous. There should be one set of words for each participant. Make sure the words are printed dark and big enough for all in the congregation to read. Begin by holding the sign with the negative word in front of the other one. The remaining youth comes in as Jesus and goes to one of the others. They touch foreheads and pray. Then Jesus rips the front sign in two leaving the sign with the opposite word showing. These two go together to another youth and pray together; then Jesus tears their sign. These three then go to another until all have been reached. It’s more effective if there’s enough room to see the movement from one youth to another and also if they don’t go in a row—zig zag a little—to demonstrate the youth following Jesus. At the end, everyone lines up across the front showing clearly the new positive outlook brought about through prayer.

Pastoral Prayer
Ask the youth leader to offer this prayer.

*Hymn: “I, the Lord of Sea and Sky”  CCS 640
OR “ The Trees of the Field”  CCS 645

Benediction by a youth