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You Can Help

Tangible Love - You Can Help

You Have Made a Difference

Since 1980 we have distributed millions in grants to programs around the world. Your contributions have:

  • Taught children peacemaking skills
  • Supported abused and neglected children
  • Provided hospice care
  • Housed homeless families
  • Helped inmates prepare for reentry into society

You Can Help

Here are a few ways you can help end suffering:

  • Pray for the needs of others locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Volunteer in worthwhile programs serving those in need, such as:
    • Classroom assistant for students needing tutoring.
    • Advocate for domestic violence and/or human trafficking survivors and programs.
    • Provide transportation and companionship to seniors without access or family members.
    • Mentor refugees assisting with language skills to ensure basic services and rights.  
  • In the USA, check out national volunteering programs:  AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and other opportunities listed at the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Your Congregation Can Help

Here are a few ways your congregation can help end suffering:

  • Open your doors and partner with a community program needing space to operate weekly or monthly programs of compassionate ministries. Be sure to check with Risk Management/Legal Services about partnership agreements and insurance requirements.
  • Advocate for peace, justice, human and environmental rights through reputable national and international organizations.