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Ideas for Young Children

Worth - Ideas for Young Children

Worth of All Persons

In Jesus’ Arms

Key Concept: Jesus loves all the children.

Scripture: Mark 10:13-16

Song: “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

Invite your own child to sit on your lap as you read aloud the scripture story from Mark 10:13–16 about Jesus blessing the children. You may want to use the Lectionary Story Bible, Year B, p. 207. Talk with your child about how wonderful being with Jesus must have been for the children; how they probably felt much love in the arms of Jesus, just like your child feels much love in your arms. Remind them that even though they can’t go to Jesus exactly like the children in the Bible, Jesus loves them just as much as the children in the Bible. Jesus is with them and will always be their special friend.

Create a multi-colored garland of people-shaped cutouts. First, make a person pattern out of cardboard or heavy paper—freehand draw the person or trace from a coloring page. (Approximately four inches/10.16 cm.) Trace around the pattern on many colors of construction paper or poster board. Cut out the shapes. Children can add faces, hair, and clothes to the “people” with crayons, markers, or glitter. Punch holes in the hands and fasten together with colorful string or fold-over brads.

Challenge: Jesus didn’t care what color the children’s hair or skin was. He didn’t care how tall or how short the children were. Jesus loves all children…all people! Remember the people garland. When we hold hands with our parents, grandparents, or friends, it is like Jesus is reaching out his hands to hold us, to share his love.

Keywords: craft, community, worth, scripture story

God Loves the Person in the Mirror

Key Concept: God loves everyone.

Scripture: Galatians 3:26

Song: “Jesus Loves Me” Community of Christ Sings #251

Have children look in a mirror. Ask: What do you see? Do you see someone who cares about other people? Do you see a person who takes care of oneself? You see a person who God loves.

Decorate a mirror. Cover a square of cardboard with aluminum foil or use unbreakable mirrors (find online or at a craft store). Glue or tape it in the center of a large heavy piece of paper, poster board or cardboard. Decorate the “frame” with the words “God Loves Me.” Add many colors using crayons, markers, or glue on bits of yarn, paper, glitter, or stickers.

Challenge: Tell children that every time they look into a mirror for the rest of their life, they should remember that God loves them. They are a child of God. They are a person of worth.

Keywords: craft, community, worth, personal spiritual practice, love