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Ideas for All Ages Together

Worth - Ideas for All Ages Together

Worth of All Persons

We seek to uphold and restore the equal worth of all people individually and in community.

Balancing Stones

Doctrine and Covenants 163:3c
“Draw the Circle Wide” CCS 273

Create a stone sculpture of different stones to create a balance. Stones can be gathered from a nearby field or park, or can be created using self-drying clay such as Crayola’s Model Magic™. Give each person various colors of the clay and have them roll “stones” in various sizes that they can stack in a stone sculpture. Make sure there are enough stones for each person to have at least seven of various sizes and colors. Give each person a twig or flat stick on which they can balance stones in the sculpture.

Make a point (during the discussion and while giving directions) of being connected, rather than loosely disconnected (as stones are in a field); of being formed, rather than being unformed (like the clay before it is shaped). The stone sculpture represents the balance and connection we have when we are connected with Christ and one another.

Place participants in groups of five to seven persons. Ask each person to write an affirmation of the worth of others in their group. If they have used self-drying clay, persons may etch their affirmations into one of the “rocks” of their sculptures using a pencil or sharp stick. See illustration. Use short affirmations like “loving,” “funny,” or “helpful.” If real stones were used, affirmations can be written on the stones with fine-point permanent markers.

These sculptures may be taken home with persons as a reminder of their worth in the community of believers.

*As a challenge, the whole group may wish to create a larger stone sculpture to dedicate to the church building or campgrounds on which each person can add an affirmation with either permanent marker or etching with a stick. Forming a balanced sculpture references the story of sharing all things “in common” and affirms the worth of all persons as valued parts of the final sculpture.

Keywords: Shared Experiences in Community