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Volunteer Preparation

World Service Corps - Volunteer Preparation


We are excited to welcome you as a World Service Corps volunteer! Thank you for accepting the call to share your time and talents with the ministries of Community of Christ and the communities and relationships you will become part of at your host site.

As you prepare physically and mentally for this exciting opportunity, please allow yourself time to prepare spiritually, as well. Spend moments in prayer and contemplation about how you hope to grow and what you hope to learn through this experience, and listen with an open heart. During your time of service in a new environment, you may be confronted with thoughts and situations that challenge you. The spiritual preparation you do in advance will help you respond in a more peaceful way. Not sure where to start on your spiritual preparation? Check out spiritual practices.

Make sure to check your e-mail frequently in the months and weeks leading up to your departure. E-mail will be the primary way of communicating with you about any updates or homework in advance, and you will be responsible to address any action items. If you change your preferred e-mail address, please contact the WSC coordinator.

The following sections require your review, completion, or action before World Service Corps orientation training and arrival at your host site.

  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date you will depart your host site.

  • Visa: If you need a visa for your host site, we will be in touch with you to request the necessary documentation for your visa application. Your prompt attention to any visa information is necessary.

  • Vaccinations/Medical: It is imperative that you visit your doctor and get any required vaccinations or medications before starting your volunteer assignment. Please review all the information contained on the Medical Information page. Allow adequate time to visit your doctor, make appointments for vaccinations and/or get medications (if needed). WSC can reimburse you for the cost of any vaccination or medication required for your host site (ex. anti-malarial pills). 

  • Monthly Checklist
    World Service Corps has prepared a monthly list of tasks for you to  complete as you prepare for your assignment.

  • Fundraising
    Need ideas to help you reach your volunteer commitment fee? Review this page of fundraising ideas. It is also recommended that you prepare to take personal spending money with you for personal souvenirs or tourist activities.

  • Insurance
    World Service Corps will provide volunteers with emergency travel and accident insurance while involved in the program.

  • Pre-orientation Homework
    You need to review and/or complete these assignments prior to World Service Corps orientation training.

  • Packing List
    This a checklist to help World Service Corps volunteers with packing. This includes information about international electrical outlet plugs.

  • Orientation and Debriefing Training
    World Service Corps volunteers must attend a week-long orientation session before departure to host locations. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the WSC staff. We look forward to journeying with you in preparation for your World Service Corps experience!