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World Service Corps - Packing List

Packing Information

What should you take?

This is a guide to help with your packing. Please use your wisdom based on your particular site's climate and living situation to determine what to take. The necessities have been noted at the top.

First, a few truths:

All the essential things that you will need to live can be found in your host country. They may not be the same as what you would get at home, but the essentials are available.

Generally speaking, enough clothes for 10 days will usually work for any length of time, from 2 months to 2 years. You can do laundry on site. There are a plethora of packing lists available online. Here are just a few: 10 general packing tips, customizable lists, and packing lists for women and men.

Take a few things that are expressive of you, or just help you feel more cheerful.


_____ Passport

_____ License

_____ Flight/travel documents

_____ Immunization record (copy)

_____ Supporting documents for visa (if needed)

_____ Contact information for host family (provided to you by WSC)

_____ Bible


_____ 10 pairs underwear

_____ 10 pairs socks

_____ Sleepwear                                           

_____ 3 pairs pants

_____ 3 skirts                                                

_____ 2 pair of jeans

_____ 2 church/professional outfits                     

_____ 5 shirts

_____ Hat with brim                                     

_____ Sweatshirts/sweaters

_____ Coat/jacket                                         

_____ Swimsuit/wrapper/cover-up

_____ Athletic clothing                                 

_____ Walking shoes

_____ Dress shoes                                                     

_____ Sandals/flip-flops

Personal Care

(Follow the US Transportation Security Administration’s 3-1-1 rule for flight travel.)

_____ Soap

_____ Shampoo/conditioner

_____ Razor/shave cream                                           

_____ Small mirror

_____ Toothbrush/paste

_____ Dental floss

_____ Nail clippers/tweezers

_____ Hairbrush/comb

_____ 2 small packages facial tissue

_____ Sunscreen

_____ Disinfectant wipes/hand sanitizer

_____ Personal medication (+ prescriptions)

_____ Motion-sickness tablets/wristbands

_____ Eye drops

_____ Hand/body lotion

_____ Insect repellent with DEET

Miscellaneous and Optional

_____ Backpack

_____ Camera

_____ Cell phone (unlocked, if traveling internationally check with your phone carrier)

_____ Mini-flashlight

_____ Power adapter (if traveling internationally see International Plug-ins)

_____ Laptop computer or tablet

_____ Umbrella

_____ Wrinkle release spray

_____ Traveler’s clock

_____ Spices/ketchup

_____ Photos of family and friends

_____ Addresses of family and friends

_____ Music/iPod

_____ Extra batteries

_____ Money (for personal souvenirs, tourism)

_____ Sturdy water bottle

_____ Songs/games to teach

_____ Small gift(s) for your host family/onsite supervisor (something that represents your home city or country is nice)