Community of Christ

Orientation and Debriefing

World Service Corps - Orientation and Debriefing

Group orientation training and debriefing are held once per year at Community of Christ headquarters offices in Independence, Missouri, USA. This group session is targeted toward volunteers from North America and volunteers from non-North American countries who will be serving in North America. It is not possible for all volunteers to travel to the USA for orientation and debriefing, therefore, we also conduct trainings on-site.  

The information below applies to training in Independence, Missouri, USA. 


Dates:  Volunteers will be asked to report to the Temple in Independence, Missouri. Training dates will take place mid-late May 2018 and will be determined based on availability of volunteers.  Volunteers will depart for assignments from Kansas City following training.

Group orientation training will take place at the Community of Christ Temple, in Independence, Missouri. Plan for training to last all day for five days. Please do not plan other activities during this time. We want to fully utilize our few days together to better prepare you for your assignment, get to know one another, help you learn more about the church, and explore ways to deepen your relationship with God.  Our aim for training is to share information and provide time and space for spiritual renewal and preparation for your assignment.

Some highlights of the training will be:

  • Team Building—activities to get to know your partner and other World Service Corps team members, including games you could use or teach at your site
  • Community of Christ Mission and Message—review of the church’s identity, mission, message, and beliefs and ways to incorporate this message into your experience at your site
  • Sharing Your Story—connecting you with ways to express yourself through spiritual practices, and prepare and practice your testimony and sermon for various cultural contexts and worship styles
  • Interpersonal Styles and Peacebuilding—we will assess your communication style and discuss ways to peacefully handle conflicts
  • Other sessions include—worship, cultural awareness, child protection, and more


Dates: Vary; Individualized debriefings will occur volunteers return home from assignments

Debriefing will take place individually or in teams upon return from assignment. Dates are based on the duration of the volunteer's assignment, as well as the volunteer’s availability. Debriefing may take place at the Community of Christ Temple, at the volunteer's host site, or via Skype upon return home. Plan for debriefing to last one to two full days.

Our aim for debriefing is to provide time and space to reflect on your WSC experience and equip you with resources for career planning and staying connected as you journey onward.  

Some highlights of the debriefing will be:

  • Why Debrief? – explore and dialogue about why debriefing after an experience like WSC is important
  • Staying Connected After WSC – discover ways that you can continue to make an impact and support ministries of Community of Christ in your region
  • Sharing Your Story – share about your experience with other volunteers, and prepare a brief formal presentation to share with Community of Christ staff and friends at the Temple
  • Other sessions include – spiritual practices, individual debriefing interviews, sharing photos and writing articles about your WSC experience