Community of Christ

Monthly Checklist

World Service Corps - Monthly Checklist

This checklist is provided to help you prepare for your experience. 

Upon Selection as a WSC volunteer

  • Share your excitement: tell your friends and family!
  • Invite others to help you fundraise for the WSC volunteer commitment fee
  • Order a passport, or make sure your current passport is valid at least 6 months beyond your return date (if traveling outside your country of residence)

3 months ahead

  • Visit your doctor to discuss any vaccinations or medications you may need for your destination
  • If your destination requires a visa, WSC will be in contact with you for requested information
  • Make travel arrangements to attend Orientation Training and return home after your assignment and Debriefing (ex. flights to/from Kansas City)
  • Read and learn about your destination
  • Check your email frequently for updates or action items from WSC that require your attention
  • Review and complete the pre-orientation homework assignments

2 months ahead

  • Make arrangements for any of your possessions that may need to be held in storage, or cared for by someone else (ex. pet or plants)
  • Long-term volunteers with student loans may want to make arrangements for deferment and/or cancel current cell phone plan (WSC can provide a letter stating proof of volunteer assignment)
  • If you have a Facebook account, accept the Friend request from the WSC coordinator so that you may be added to the WSC current volunteers group to connect with your team partner and other volunteers
  • Think about what you might want to pack
  • Check to see if your destination will require you to purchase electrical power converters for any electronics you plan to bring

1 month ahead

  • Send a thank you note to anyone who has contributed towards your volunteer commitment fee (within a week of receiving their donation)
  • Read about the Enduring Principles, Basic Beliefs, Sacraments, and History of Community of Christ
  • Ensure that you have your passport and required vaccinations (if needed)
  • Respond to any emails regarding WSC preparations
  • Start a blog (if you desire) to post stories and photos about your WSC experience

Week(s) ahead

  • Start Packing 
  • Make sure you have completed your pre-orientation homework assignments
  • Meet for orientation training

And finally...

  • Begin your adventure!