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Medical Information

While we do our best to keep you healthy and safe, international travel carries with it certain challenges to your health. To assist you in staying healthy, we advise you to arrange to see your doctor at least six weeks before your departure date.

Discuss with your doctor:

  • Your travel plans, including the country you will be visiting, length of stay, and living situation
  • Get written prescriptions for all medications you will be taking with you (to prevent problems at customs)
  • Any abnormal test results or allergies (please obtain a transcript to keep with you)
  • Obtain a brief medical history summary to carry with you
  • Obtain standing medical orders for any ongoing medical condition(s)


Please see the Travelers’ Health website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Select the country where you will be traveling from the drop-down list provided for travelers. Each country is outlined and gives vaccination recommendations and other safety and health suggestions while in your host country. 

Please complete all the required vaccinations as soon as possible. You can only receive five vaccinations at a time, so plan ahead. Some vaccinations require more than one injection spaced several weeks apart. All vaccinations should be entered on a yellow World Health Organization (WHO) card, including (if possible) all your past immunization history (including MMR, tetanus, polio, etc.). WHO cards should be available at any Public Health Department or Travel Health Department, and are required for entry into some countries.

*Some immunizations may be covered free of charge by your current health insurance, so you should check to be sure. Some vaccinations are optional, and you should discuss them with your doctor or a health department official.