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World Service Corps - Fundraising

Some of you may already have been saving for your participation fee and the additional funds you will need to be a volunteer for World Service Corps. Others are still considering where to find this financial support. Funding can come from many different sources, but some to consider are relatives, friends, your church family, and the community.

Below you will find several suggestions to help you work through the process of requesting funds for your mission. Best wishes on your journey to becoming a volunteer for World Service Corps.

Fundraising Tips

Who Will I Ask?  

The first thing you need to do is to make a list of who you will ask to contribute to your cause. Begin by listing family members and friends you feel would like to help and are financially able. Next, list members of your home church family.

How you request financial support is up to you, but there are a few basic rules to follow so each person who donates is eligible to receive a tax receipt from World Service Corps (see below for details).

You may want to ask your pastor if you may make a formal request to the congregation, or have the pastor ask for you. Follow this up by asking each person individually for his or her support. Your congregation may wish to have a special offering for this purpose, or sponsor a fundraising activity such as a chili supper or car wash. There are many activities that can be planned to help.

Asking for Support

Asking in Person
If you are to convince people to help you financially, they need to know what your vision is for participating in World Service Corps.  Why are you going, and what do you plan to accomplish? The best way to share this vision is to talk to people face to face. Help them understand your genuine desire to serve. How you share your message can inspire others to catch the same vision and gain enthusiasm. Most of all know as much as possible about your plans and activities while serving as a volunteer, so you will be able to answer questions they ask.  

When a Letter Is Better

Asking in a Letter
There may be times when you feel that a letter is the best way to request support for your mission. On those rare occasions, you will want to make sure that your letter is informative and professional, with a personal touch. Keep it short and specific, using only one page. 

Thank-you Letters
Thank-you letters are especially important during the fundraising process. Those who have been generous enough to give you a donation should receive a letter that is heartfelt and genuinely grateful for their support. The letter should be kept short and sent in a timely manner, within one week or less.

Fundraising Ideas

For fundraising ideas see websites such as Easy Fundraising Ideas, and talk with people in your family, school, or congregation who have held successful fundraisers.

Creating a partnership

Now you have the financial support you need to move forward. You are all packed and ready to face the challenges and find the fulfillment that every World Service Corps volunteer will experience. Is there anything else you should do for your financial partners? Yes! Continue to make them feel like a member of the partnership by keeping in touch with them. While you are traveling, you will have limited access to e-mail, so write to them once in a while. You can also have your family inform members of your home congregation about your trip. Most important is to help them feel a part of your activities.

Returning Home

When you return from your World Service Corps site, make every effort to go back to each of your financial supporters and congregations to share your testimony about being a World Service Corps volunteer. You will find that they are interested in what you did and what impact it had on your life and the lives of those you came in contact with. When you visit, be prepared to display pictures and items you purchased while on location for all to see and get a small sample of what you experienced. Although your time as a World Service Corps volunteer may be brief, it is the World Service Corps' hope that you come back with a stronger commitment to serve and witness in your home congregation and community. During these presentations, a free-will offering benefiting the World Service Corps Scholarship Fund will allow people to support future volunteers and further the World Service Corps program.

Make Payable To?

Any funds you raise should be in the form of a check made payable to “World Service Corps.” Send checks to:

World Service Corps
Community of Christ International Headquarters
1001 W. Walnut St.

Independence, MO 64050-3562

On receiving the donation the World Service Corps staff will deposit the funds in the appropriate Community of Christ account. A World Service Corps tax receipt will be given for funds that are donated.

(Please note—the participation fee only relates to World Service Corps volunteers serving outside North America.)