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World Service Corps - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I be a volunteer if I am not yet 20 years old?

WSC welcomes applications from individuals age 18 years and older. We are not able to accept volunteers under 18 years old. WSC is looking for volunteers with the maturity to be able to function independently in situations that require self-motivation, initiative, and the ability to deal with ambiguity.

Are you only focused on young adults?

In the last several years, the church has begun to focus on ways to engage the young adults in our communities and promote opportunities for leadership development. Therefore, recruitment efforts are geared toward young adults. This program is designed to provide opportunities for growth and service, which may happen at any age. We encourage adults of all ages to apply.

Am I too old to be a volunteer?

No. Anyone age 18 years or older is welcome to apply. And the dedication and abilities of all applicants are valued. We request that all candidates, regardless of age, be in adequate health and condition to fulfill the duties of their assignment.

Can people who are not members of Community of Christ be volunteers?

Yes. Membership in Community of Christ is not a requirement. However, volunteers will be working directly with Community of Christ congregations/ministries in their assignments. Therefore, volunteers need to have a good knowledge of Community of Christ and a desire to promote its mission. 

I don’t speak another language. Can I still be a volunteer?

Yes. Many World Service Corps sites do not require additional language proficiency. However, there are some assignments which do require a certain level of language proficiency. For example, volunteers wishing to go to Central or South America should have conversational ability in Spanish or Portuguese.

Do I have to be fluent in English to be a volunteer?

Some assignments do require a certain level of English proficiency. For example, applicants wishing to participate in the international guide program (guiding tours at church historic sites in the U.S.) need to speak and understand English so they can work with English-speaking visitors. It is not necessary that English be the volunteer’s first language. Please contact us for more information about language requirements.

I am married. Can I still become a volunteer?

Yes. We do accept individuals who are married into the program. If you wish to serve as a couple, both individuals must apply and be accepted into the program.

Can I do World Service Corps twice?

Yes and no. If you have been a short-term volunteer you may serve again as a long-term volunteer. However, we do not generally accept repeat volunteers for short-term or long-term assignments. The reason for this is to allow opportunities for others.

Do I have to be a short-term volunteer before I can be a long-term volunteer?

No. Doing the short-term program (2-3 months) allows you to get a feel for what being a WSC volunteer is like, and may help you determine if you wish to make a long-term commitment. However, WSC does accept candidates for the long-term program who have not already served as a short-term WSC volunteer. 

Volunteer Programs

What programs do you offer?

See programs for further information and dates.

Which countries have World Service Corps sites?

Site locations change and are developed each year. WSC volunteers have served in 36 countries on every continent except Antarctica. Feel free to contact World Service Corps to ask about specific countries or make site suggestions.

How do you decide where volunteers are going?

World Service Corps staff coordinates with Community of Christ ministerial leaders around the world to identify potential host sites, define volunteer assignments, and organize logistics. We then assign volunteers, matching projects with the skills and interests of volunteers. Our first priority is ensuring that host sites will be safe and ready to support the volunteer. 

Volunteer assignments are developed out of Community of Christ ministries in a particular region. Community of Christ has a presence in 60 countries. WSC host sites are determined based on safety, regional support/supervision, and depth of opportunities available (for development of volunteer and host site). 

Can I choose the country for my assignment?

We ask in the application and the interview what region of the world you are most interested in and we try to honor that request. However, it is not always possible to accommodate requests based on availability of host sites. We kindly ask applicants to be open to a variety of different locations and opportunities. 

Can I choose the partner I go with?

You can make suggestions but ultimately World Service Corps will choose site assignments and partners. Exceptions are made for married couples who are applying as a partnership.

What would I be doing?

Each WSC assignment is unique to the host site and the interests and skills of the volunteer. All WSC assignments include volunteers in the mission of Community of Christ, lived out through the initiatives of local congregation(s) and/or partner organizations. Examples of activities volunteers are often involved in are listed under the “What volunteer opportunities are available?” section of About WSC

Will I be safe?

While there are always risks associated with travel and/or living in a new environment, we take great care to uphold the health and welfare of volunteers. We make sure that volunteers have a primary contact person at each location not only for supervision and mentoring, but also to reach in case of emergency. Safety and security precautions are covered in volunteer training. WSC also provides volunteers with emergency travel and accident insurance. 

Learn more about the insurance coverage we use. 

How much does it cost?

Short Term: $800 USD
Long Term: $1,000 USD

World Service Corps requests a monetary commitment fee from volunteers to help support the capacity of the program to continue this volunteer ministry. The commitment fee does not cover the actual expenses of a volunteer assignment (including flights, living expenses, visa, etc.). Selected volunteers are encouraged to fundraise with the help of their home congregation, mission center, friends, family, and community to reach the commitment fee. However, we do not want to exclude anyone from this program because of financial concerns. Please contact the World Service Corps coordinator  if this is a concern for you.

What expenses does World Service Corps cover?

World Service Corps will cover your travel to/from your assignment site and basic living expenses while at your assignment site, such as housing, transportation, and food. WSC will also cover the cost of obtaining a travel visa (if necessary) and required vaccinations (if necessary). 

What expenses are not covered by World Service Corps?

Good stewardship of funds is essential, as WSC is funded through a portion of world mission tithes from church members and friends. Therefore, WSC will not cover the cost of travel to/from the volunteer’s home to the WSC orientation training location, personal souvenirs, tourism, and expenses that may be considered unreasonable. Volunteers are encouraged to save personal funds in advance for these types of purchases. All volunteer expenses using WSC funds must have receipts and be recorded and submitted to WSC staff on a schedule agreed upon in advance. Unused WSC funds are to be returned to WSC upon completion of the volunteer’s assignment. Please contact the WSC Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the WSC volunteer financial policy. 

Who takes care of getting travel visas for volunteers?

Volunteers are required to provide their own passports, and volunteers should have their passport in-hand at least one month before their departure. World Service Corps advises volunteers on the visa requirements for their assignments, and provides support with acquiring necessary documentation and paying fees. In some cases, volunteers will need to apply for the visa on their own, and go through any required visa interview process, but World Service Corps will provide guidance to help volunteers obtain a visa and will reimburse associated fees. The final visa decision is made by the consulate of the country, so there are no guarantees that all visas will be approved.

What is the start date for long-term assignments?

All year round. We request that those seeking a long-term assignment apply at least six months prior to the date they wish to start the assignment. WSC staff works with applicants and host site contacts to determine the start date that best suits their availability and time commitment. We ask long-term applicants to make a full 12 months commitment. There may be the option to extend up to 24 months if the volunteer, host site coordinators, and WSC coordinator are in agreement regarding an extension.

Can I get college credit for volunteering?

This depends on the requirements of your school. If you would like to earn college credit for your term of service, contact your school administrator to find out what would be required, and then contact the World Service Corps coordinator to help you coordinate the details. 


How do I become a volunteer?

The first step is to complete and submit an application. A completed application includes two references (further information and link contained in application form). After we receive your completed application, we will contact you regarding the interview process. 

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline for all programs (except long-term) is January 31. Interviews for the majority of programs are conducted in early February. Interviews for long-term and regional assignment candidates may be conducted at various times of the year. See programs for further information.

Can I save the online application to start it and return to it later?

Unfortunately, our online application form is not offered in a format which can be saved in order to start the form and return to it later. We recommend that you review the instructions and questions thoroughly before starting the application in order to anticipate how long it may take you to complete. Or you may wish to respond to the application questions in a separate document so that you can type at your leisure, spell-check, and then copy and paste your answers into the online form when you return to it later.  

What is required for the WSC application?

The World Service Corps application form contains questions that relate to your personal characteristics and short essay questions asking about your interest in WSC. Applicants are also required to ask two reference persons to respond to a reference form (available online) about their experience working/interacting with the applicant and if they would recommend the applicant as a WSC volunteer. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow-up with references to make sure they have submitted their form. Applicants may also submit a resumé and/or cover letter to accompany their application (optional). All application materials are due by January 31.

Please check your e-mail regularly from the time you apply through the selection process, as this is the primary method we use to contact applicants. 

What qualifications are you seeking in a WSC applicant?

World Service Corps is committed to developing disciples to serve. Anyone interested in this volunteer ministry is invited to apply, regardless of perceived qualifications or abilities. Please see the “Who can participate?” section in About WSC for the overall qualities we seek in volunteers.