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Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes

Stewardship is whole-life response to God’s grace and the ministry of Jesus Christ. One way stewardship is expressed is through the spiritual practice of tithing. Community of Christ Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes support Christ’s mission through your congregation, mission center, and worldwide church. Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes are a disciple’s top priority as we pursue Christ’s mission. 

You can give to Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes through e-Tithing and offering envelopes. 

Understand Your Impact

Your generosity makes mission possible. Community of Christ ministries rely on the contributions of people who desire to see the vision and mission of Christ lived out in our communities. Additionally, Community of Christ ministries rely on many lay ministers and volunteers to help move the vision and mission of Christ forward.

World Service Corps volunteer ministry connects individuals with meaningful opportunities to pursue Christ's mission. Volunteers engage in community building, leadership development, spiritual formation, and cross-cultural understanding. World Service Corps volunteers also gain deeper perspective on what it means to be part of a worldwide Community of Christ. Our volunteer alumni base has grown to more than 425 individuals since 1999.

Your contributions will help World Service Corps to continue offering meaningful opportunities to connect volunteers and communities in living out Christ's mission. Your contributions help us select, train, and support WSC volunteers, prepare host sites and supervisors, and cultivate our alumni network. By donating, you also send an important signal to current volunteers, alumni, and other funders that you believe in the impact WSC volunteers are making in Community of Christ congregations and communities throughout the world.