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Programs Funded

World Hunger - Programs Funded

March 2017 Grants Approved

Outreach International 

Approved Grant Amount: $133,000

Outreach International and Community of Christ share a history that dates back to 1979 and includes partnering to serve the needs of the world’s poorest people. This WH/TL grant will provide funds to support the Haiti School feeding program, Gumiguda School Nutrition Program, and an Administrative Grant. The Haiti funds will provide 1453 students in 16 Outreach-International Schools nutritious meals five days weekly. The Gumiguda Boarding School in East Orissa, India will provide 3 meals daily to 195 children in seven grade levels from 90 surrounding villages. The administrative grant permits Outreach to monitor, evaluate, and provide administrative support to the these programs supported by World Hunger funding.

Community Services League 

Approved Grant Amount: $15,000

Community Services League and Central Mission Center, Community of Christ merged their food distribution programs around 22 years ago and have successfully partnered in providing healthy food to families in need. This grant will support the purchase, storage, and distribution of 150 half-gallons of fresh low-fat milk per week to low-income families who visit their food pantries. In addition, a small amount of this grant will be used to provide needed repairs and preventative maintenance to extend the life of cold storage equipment used daily to preserve food quality. It is estimated that 22,500 half-gallons of fresh nutritious milk will be provided annually to food pantry participants.

Los Fresnos Community Food Pantry

Approved Grant Amount: $18,651

The Los Fresnos Community Food Pantry a ministry of the Los Fresnos Community Christ, Mexico Texas Mission Center works in the community to address issues of food security, malnutrition, and social justice. They hired a part-time employee in 2016 to better address and serve the growing needs of pantry participants. Main food distribution takes place monthly with volunteers working throughout the month to accept, organize, and prepare food that is distributed to approximately 290 families by volunteers as well a seminars on topics related to immigration and US citizenship.

Livelihood Promotion for The Poor—Orissa, India

Approved Grant Amount: $7000

The Orissa west Community of Christ jurisdiction is located in districts of Rayagada, Gajapati, and Kadhamal of Orissa state, India. More than 70% of the population in these districts live in extreme poverty and are considered as low caste and untouchable. Agriculture and forest are the primary sources of livelihood. This Community of Christ project provides funding to purchase two goats for a family. The goats are a source of food and generate income to help meet basic life needs. Each family is required to provide two goat kids to another family in their community within a three-year period. A grain bank has also been established as part of this project and provides grain for food and income.

October 2016 Grants Approved

Mt. Vernon, IL Community Garden

Approved Grant Amount: $4000

The Mt. Vernon, IL Community of Christ congregation is deeply involved in a variety of ministries that serve the everyday needs of people in their low- income community. This WHTL grant will provide startup funds to allow the congregation to use existing land around their church building to provide an opportunity for persons in the community a chance to learn how to garden, grow their own produce, and build relationships with their fellow gardeners and church members. The congregation also plans to offer a variety of classes on food sanitation, food handling, cooking, canning/freezing, and “cottage” licensing to market their produce at the local farmer’s market.

Honduras Rural Health Care

Approved Grant Amount: $9,200

Community of Christ affiliate, Health Ministries Association, has actively partnered with the church, other health professionals, and professional organizations in active health ministry in Central America for over 15 years. This partnership now involves WHTL funding support to hire a Honduran university graduate professional nurse who will serve 5-6 rural villages with limited access to health care. Regular health clinics and educational classes on pregnancy, child health, nutrition, and other pertinent topics will now be available to approximately 2000 persons. Partnership goals have also been established in cooperation with the Community of Christ in Honduras and Health Ministries Association to maximize potential and meet shared goals.

World Accord - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Approved Grant Amount: $140,000 (USA)

World Accord’s 2016 program continues its development work by partnering with six core partners in five countries around the world. World Accord complements the work of its partners by providing support for building the capacity of local partners and communities to promote sustainable local development through comprehensive project management planning, participatory evaluation, accountable budgeting, gender mainstreaming, strategic planning, and funding diversification. This year’s World Hunger funding supports programs in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras while also helping provide support for administrative costs associated with the work of World Accord in the field. 

Helping Hands of Odessa - Odessa, Missouri, USA

Approved Grant Amount:  $ 6,000

Helping Hands of Odessa is a volunteer ministry of the Odessa Community of Christ that was started in March 2014 to create a local food panty and provide compassionate ministries in the local community to families and individuals who need food, clothing, household items, or church ministers and ministries to assist and support them. Local churches, businesses, community organizations, and private citizens provide ongoing support to assist with this important ministry. Those being served include the elderly, low-income families or families out of work, single parent families, and people on disability. Ministerial assistance and support is available to those who request it and people are encouraged to attend the church of their choice and get involved in church related activities.