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World Hunger and Tangible Love Team

World Hunger and Tangible Love Team

The purpose of the World Hunger and Tangible Love Team is to encourage congregations and mission centers to consider ministries and programs that address the needs of those enmeshed in poverty, hunger, and injustice. This is done by granting seed money from World Hunger and Tangible Love funds to provide a basis for long-term sustainable ministries. These funds are made possible by the generous contributions of church members and friends to the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering initiative.

Mission Alignment

The primary purpose of the World Hunger and Tangible Love Team is embedded in the Mission Initiatives of Abolish Poverty, End Suffering and Pursue Peace on Earth. These initiatives are described as reaching out through compassionate ministries to serve the poor and hungry and stop conditions that diminish the worth of persons.
The team envisions a world in which abundant food is distributed justly so all are fed, and there is peace in all the Earth.

Team Priorities for 2016-2019

Primary focus continues on the issues of hunger and poverty

  • Support peace, justice, and compassionate ministries sponsored by Community of Christ congregations and jurisdictions in collaboration with their communities
  • Support ministries of relief and release on behalf of the hungry throughout the world, provide education about hunger/poverty-related issues, and encourage individual church members to advocate with government representatives for the hungry and impoverished

Evaluating and approving grants

  • Through meetings held twice a year, team members review proposals that seek funding support for programs aligned with the mission and goals of World Hunger and Tangible Love
  • Through the provision of “seed” grants and guidance, the team assists jurisdictional or closely related affiliate applicants in their collaboration with others in community to restore or protect the worth of persons, paying careful heed to the Enduring Principles 

Team Members

Jim Slauter, team leader
Tanoh Assoi
Marsha Brown
Steve Graffeo
Ui Ishikawa
Danielle Landrum
Wayne Rowe
Joan Thompson
Brenda Williams