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Use of Copyrighted Material

Community of Christ Sings

from the Hymnal Steering Team, February 25, 2012

Copyright law has changed quite a bit since 1981 and Hymns of the Saints. We recommend purchasing a book for each person in the pew. The purchase price of the book includes royalties that are submitted to the copyright holders. This is the way poets and musicians within the collection receive fair compensation for their work.

No other copyright permissions extend from the purchase of the book. If you want to make copies (let’s say within a worship bulletin) or project the songs (for example, with PowerPoint), you need to have the permission of the copyright holders.

Of the available options (CCLI, LicenSing,, we recommend the umbrella license,, as the easiest way to secure those permissions and for the best coverage of the songs within Community of Christ Sings. Their annual fee (based on the congregation’s average attendance), entitles you to copy or project the songs that are covered under their umbrella license.

Once you have secured a license and a license number, here are the simple compliance steps to follow.

  1. Copyright holders are listed at the bottom of each protected song. There may be different copyright holders for the words and the music. When a song is to be copied or projected, go to to make sure the copyright holder is included in the umbrella license.
  2. Print your license number on every copy and/or projection slide of a covered song. For example: #XXXXX Used by permission.
  3. At least once a month, log on to the website and report the songs you have used that month along with the number of copies or projection slides you made. With this timely reporting feature, has the information it needs to appropriately compensate the copyright holders. If you do not report, after a month you will receive reminders that reporting is a required step in the licensing process. It might be easiest to build in this reporting step every Sunday as a normal part of the worship planning and production process.

While this license will cover the majority of songs within Community of Christ Sings, there are still some publishers and copyright holders that will not allow their works to come under the umbrella license process. In these cases, permission must be secured individually.

Songs not covered under
You must obtain permission individually from the copyright holder(s) for songs not included in the umbrella license. Community of Christ Sings includes an Index of Copyright Owners and Administrators in the back of the book. For every copyright protected song, the index, organized by hymn number, lists the copyright holder(s) and their contact information. You may not make copies or project a song from Community of Christ Sings without permission from the copyright holder(s), either under an umbrella license or by individually seeking permission.

Public Domain
If song numbers are not listed in the Index of Copyright Owners and Administrators, it means that the words and music are in the public domain and are not copyright protected.  For these songs, you are free to make copies or projection slides without listing the umbrella license or seeking individual permission.

Community of Christ/Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Permission
Any hymn in Community of Christ Sings for which the copyright holder is listed as Community of Christ, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or RLDS may be photocopied or otherwise reproduced by any purchaser of the hymnal for use in the course of services at a place of worship or other religious assembly.  If you wish to reproduce a hymn for purposes other than services at a place of worship or other religious assembly, permission to reproduce the hymn must be obtained directly from Community of Christ Legal Services:; 816-833-1000816-833-1000.

In addition to copyright permissions, author(s) and composer(s) should always be credited on every copy and/or projection slide. This is true whether the song is copyright protected or in the public domain.

Additional copyright permission questions can be addressed to Community of Christ Legal Services:; 816-833-1000816-833-1000.