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Ideas for Young Children

Unity - Ideas for Young Children

Unity in Diversity

Alike and Different

Key Concept: God created us to be different yet the same.

Scripture:  For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them. —Matthew 18:20

Song: “I’m So Glad that Jesus Loves Me”

Sit in a circle on the floor. Look at the people next to you. How are they the same as you? How are they different from one another? Play a game to show likenesses and differences. All children who are wearing stripes will stand up; those wearing blue will stand; those wearing shoes will turn around. All children with long hair will sit down; those with brown eyes will sit; those with brothers or sisters will sit. Be sure to include things everyone has in common as well as things that make each one different.

Challenge: Finish by asking everyone to stand in a circle holding hands. Sing together “I’m so Glad that Jesus Loves Me” while swaying hands or moving in a circle. Then have children raise their hands and shout “We are all God’s children!” falling down at the end.

Keywords: game, object lesson

A Beautiful Bouquet

Key Concept: Even though we are all different, together we create beautiful things.

Scripture: There are many gifts, but the same Spirit. —1 Corinthians 12:4

Song: “We Are One in the Spirit” Community of Christ Sings #359

Gather various flowers and show children the bouquet. Talk about each flower and its worth. For example, some people think the dandelion is just a weed, but I like their beautiful yellow flowers and so do the bees. Some people complain about roses because they have sharp thorns, but they sure smell good. Farmers sometimes fuss about sunflowers, but birds and people eat their seeds. You can use any variety of flowers and facts that you like. The flowers belong to God because God made them. Explain to your child that people are like the flowers. Each one has been created with special gifts, and they belong to God who made them.

Lay out a variety of different flower (silk or real). Let each child choose one or two. Talk about what is special about each one-the flower and the person. Have them bring the flowers together to form one beautiful bouquet made up of many individual flowers. Explain that this is why we work together. We all add something different and special. Let the children display the bouquet in a worship service, classroom, or at home.

Keywords: Object lesson, diversity