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Ideas for Children

unity - Ideas for Children

Unity in Diversity

We are different in many ways. Together, this diversity makes us stronger.

1 Corinthians 12:4–12
Doctrine and Covenants 164:5

“Sing of Colors” CCS #332

Many Gifts, Same Spirit

Everyone is different and unique—we each have a different perspective or view of life and the world. When we work together it takes a lot of talking and listening to understand and to be understood. It is not easy to be unified with our many differences.

Pair up with another person, sitting back-to-back. (If there is a large group, pair up members of the group.) Have an identical set of supplies for each person in the pair: same number and shape of blocks, marshmallows and raw spaghetti strands, identical number of paper clips and pipe cleaners or a combination. One member of the pair builds something with their supplies (take two to three minutes), then describes to the other what they built. The goal is for the second person to make the identical structure without looking (take five to six minutes). The second person may not ask questions, only say “ready for the next step.”

When time is called, look at each creation. What happened? Why didn’t it work, or was only somewhat successful? It didn’t work because we each hear, see, and understand things differently. Try again and use different ways to talk with others better. Finding unity in our diversity (differences) is a challenge, but becomes a blessing when we do!

Keywords: game, differences, personal relationships, craft

Blue Eyes Right, Red Shoes Left

Play a grouping game. Call out differences that you see in the players. Have them move to a different part of the room like this: “blue eyes, move to left side; brown eyes move to right side.” Continue with descriptions that will regroup everyone often: color of socks, favorite sports, type of pets, shoe type, own bedroom or shared bedroom. Give each one an opportunity to call out differences.

When done, notice that we have something in common with everyone! God wants us to have unity, and get along, even with all our differences. Who do you feel very different from, but can now find something in common with? (Even if it is blue eyes or red shoes!)

Sometimes we look at differences between us and others as something negative. Even though people may look different from one another, they are all the same inside. Connecting to that “inside” part of us is what creates unity in our diversity. (Optional: Read the book Bein’ with You This Way by W. Nikola-Lisa, written as an upbeat playground rap, to understand how we are alike and different.)

Keywords: game, differences, unity in diversity