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Ideas for Adults

Unity - Ideas for Adults

Unity in Diversity

The church embraces diversity and unity through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Affirmation of Scripture

1 Corinthians 12:4–12
“The Living Word of Scripture” CCS 65

“Scripture is a library of books that speaks in many voices. These books were written in diverse times and places, and reflect the languages, cultures, and conditions under which they were written” (Sharing in Community of Christ).

Discuss with a group of friends the diverse “voices” heard in scripture (for example, authors, themes, languages, cultures, conditions, places, and times).

Action: Choose one theme that unites people such as love, justice, peace, or hope and do a scripture search for that “voice” to learn more about it.

Keywords: scripture, voices, sacred story, study

Reconciliation Prayer for Diverse Perspectives

Matthew 18:15–20
“Gentle God, When We Are Driven” CCS 222

Take a pen and paper, find a quiet place, and consider the following words of Gandhi: “It is a bad habit to say that another’s thoughts are bad and ours only are good and that those holding different views from ours are the enemies.” Think of someone who views issues differently from you. Bring into your mind the face of that person. Ask God to open your heart to him or her. Sit silently and sense God connecting your heart with the heart of this person. Ask for a peaceful space in your heart and mind that welcomes the person and listens with respect to his or her views.

Action: Write a statement of gratitude for the person with whom you are connecting and offer a silent or verbal prayer of blessing. If you feel led, share the statement of gratitude you have written with the person when you next meet.

Keywords: Scripture, gratitude, reconciliation