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Temple School Frequently Asked Questions

Temple School Frequently Asked Questions

What are the courses recommended for those called to the priesthood?

For first-time priesthood calls, the ordinand is to complete: 

  • SS400 Introduction to Scripture
  • MP300 Introduction to Priesthood Ministry
  • The office-centered course that corresponds to the individual’s priesthood call. 

Those with an additional priesthood call are to complete the office-centered course that corresponds to the individual’s call. We recommend all priesthood members take the new Ministry and Priesthood courses listed above to continue to learn and expand their ministry. The individual will need to check with the official in his or her area regarding these expectations.

Can I be ordained before I complete my classes?

Classes should be completed before ordination.  On rare occasions local jurisdiction may offer further guidance on this matter.

Can students share course books and pay only one fee?

No, Temple School charges a class fee that includes the student course book (print or PDF) and class credit. Each student is expected to pay the same fee for the class if they desire credit for the class.

If I order extra books, can they be returned?

Yes, any book that is still listed in the most current curriculum catalog returned in “new” condition (shrink-wrapped) will be accepted and credit will be earned for future orders.

Who is qualified to facilitate Temple School courses?

Anyone who is interested and motivated to deal with the specific topic may facilitate a course. Final approval of individual instructors will be handled at the local level by the field school coordinator, pastor, or mission center president. We recommend instructors watch the short video, Ministry and Priesthood—Teach the Teacher as a way to prepare for facilitating a Temple School course

Can a student change from the home study program to a field school or from a field school to a home study?

Attending a course with other students is the standard. However, a few courses are available as home studies. Students are assigned a reviewer for completion of course lessons. When changing from a home study to a field school, the student needs to contact Herald House Customer Service to withdraw his or her name from the home study reviewer’s file. When transferring from a field school course to a home study, the student needs to contact Herald House Customer Service to be enrolled in the specific course at which time additional materials will be forwarded to the student.

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How are Temple School course certificates prepared and distributed?

Mission center leaders (or designated volunteers) are responsible for creating certificates from templates. It is not required to provide certificates. The following process is recommended for returning completion paperwork:

  • At the completion of an approved Temple School course, the instructor sends the course information and list of students to the mission center leader or designated representative.
  • Mission center representative prepares and distributes certificates to students as capacity allows. 
  • Mission center representative sends the course information and student list to Membership Records for Shelby recording.

Alternatively, an online class report form is available.