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Standing High Council

Standing High Council

The Standing High Council meets at the request of the First Presidency to consider questions of moral and ethical significance, to provide general advice and counsel to the First Presidency, and to consider appeals from courts of field jurisdictions.  

The Standing High Council may also advise the Presiding Bishopric when requested by the First Presidency.

In addition, the Standing High Council members are called by the First Presidency, sustained by World Conference action, and set apart to serve on the Council. 

Current Members:

Kent G. Bradford
Valerie K. Brennan
David M. Byrn
Dennis R. Clinefelter
Matthew J. Frizzell
Gwendolyn E. Hawks-Blue
Sharon M. Kirkpatrick
Marilee A. Martens
Scott A. Roberson
Kathy D. Robinson
Warwick (Rick) Sarre
Lynn R. Wilson