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Jeff Naylor

Jeff Naylor

Counselor to the Presiding Bishop

International Headquarters

(202) 304-4573

Jeff Naylor, a minister for Community of Christ, is a counselor to the Presiding Bishop. He holds the priesthood office of bishop. His positions with the church are self-sustaining.
Jeff is director of operations and distribution for Investment Company Institute. He previously was employed as vice president, product management for SunGard Asset Management Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
A native of Independence, Missouri, Jeff received a bachelor of arts degree in business administration and psychology from Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa; and a master's in business administration from the University of Kansas, Lawrence.
Jeff has served on the board of directors for Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation, including seven years as board president, and mission center president for Chesapeake Bay USA Mission Center.
Community of Christ has 250,000 members in more than 60 nations. The church’s mission is to “proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.” Community of Christ International Headquarters is in Independence, Missouri.