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Trust What is Being Born

An online Advent Series with Spiritual Formation Ministries


Mondays during Advent for four weeks: November 30-December 21
Offered twice each week: 9:00 a.m. CST or 7:00 p.m. CST


Register online by November 23, 2020.


“When in doubt, always assume that God is at work.”

–Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening 

Advent is the season in the Christian calendar to wait in darkness, trust what is forming unseen, and rekindle hope for what may be. This Advent, these themes feel especially important and challenging as communities around the globe navigate crisis, uncertainty, and instability on many levels. What does it look like to “trust what is being born” in a time when it feels like everything is breaking down and breaking apart? Yet, even here and now, the Holy Spirit is seeking incarnation. What is breaking apart is also breaking open into new possibilities we could not have planned or predicted. In the words of Spiritual Director, Margaret Guenther, “when in doubt, always assume that God is at work.” We invite you to join us in a 4-week Advent journey as we listen beneath the layers of everything happening within and around us to discover the life of the Holy Spirit that is still, and always, being born into something good and new. 

As part of this series, you will receive invitations for spiritual practice, guided practice recordings, and weekly opportunities for spiritual community and connection. Though facilitated by Spiritual Director and Spiritual Formation Specialist, Katie Harmon-McLaughlin, many voices of wisdom from throughout the church will be invited to share, reflect, and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives and times this Advent season.