Community of Christ

Visiting Ministry

This visiting ministries guide was shared with the priesthood as their congregation prepared for the blessing.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to offer others the invitation to go deeper in discipleship through spiritual renewal. Below are those things that we discussed during the orientation sessions.

  1. Pray for guidance before contacting the family or person that you will visit.
  2. If necessary, arrange for a get-to-know-you visit before you present and discuss the invitation materials. Get acquainted with one another before you discuss spiritual renewal.
  3. If a family or individual does not desire to participate, be gracious and understanding. Please notify the team lead of their decision.
  4. Be prayerful and ask another priesthood member to go with you.
  5. In advance of your visit, send the letter of purpose to those whom you will visit—with a signed, handwritten note at the bottom. This is a reminder of the scheduled date and time. It will help them make additional preparations for the visit, too.
  6. During the visit, generally introduce the content of the brochure and encourage spiritual renewal as a step in the response to “go deeper” in discipleship.
  7. Ask if a discussion with an evangelist (or another caregiver) would be desirable in support of their spiritual journey. An evangelist is available for those seeking further direction in life.
  8. Remind participants that the entire congregation is focusing on spiritual renewal and that a congregational blessing is scheduled November 18. Also encourage them to participate in a spiritual-growth group. For further contemplation, you may leave behind a sheet that explains the evangelist blessing and the spiritual-growth groups. For additional reading material, a Rule of Life resource also is avail-able.
  9. Offer to pray for them before you leave.
  10. Notify the team lead when you have completed the visit and with any additional requests for ministry from those whom you visit.
  11. As always, keep confidential anything shared in confidence.
  12. Have a meaning-filled and joyful experience with those whom you visit.

This sample is a letter that was sent to congregation members from the leadership team.

Dear Friends,

As a Community of Christ we are responding to the call to go deeper in discipleship. Therefore, we have begun an Invitation to Go Deeper ministry that provides a way for all to take the inward journey of spiritual renewal. This journey parallels the steps taken on the Worshiper’s Path of the Temple. That pathway begins with the Burning Bush and Grove display that reminds us that God calls us to encounter presence.

The Temple is an instrument of ongoing revelation in the life of the church. Its symbolism and ministries call people to reverence in the presence of the Divine Being. Transformative encounters with the Eternal Creator and Reconciler await those who follow its spiritual pathways of healing, reconciliation, peace, strengthening of faith, and knowledge. —Doctrine and Covenants 163:8a

We have assigned priesthood to visit each person and family within our congregation to pastorally extend support for spiritual renewal. The undersigned have the opportunity to introduce you to a Woods Chapel Congregation ministry resource designed to help you draw closer to God through Christ. They will arrange to meet with you to review ways to go deeper in discipleship, beginning with spiritual renewal.

In addition to personal renewal, the congregation will continue its journey toward an evangelist blessing. On November 18 we will gather in our sanctuary to receive God’s blessing as a congregation. If you wish to talk with an evangelist or another pastoral caregiver, please let your visiting minister know.

Now to him who by power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine to him be glory in the church and in Christ to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.  —Ephesians: 3:20–21 NRSV

All of our ministries support one another to go deeper in discipleship. May God bless you in response to the Good Shepherd.

Senior Pastor
Pastoral Care