Community of Christ

Workers' Compensation

Risk - Workers' Compensation

 Injury to Employees

Any injury to a person while serving as an employee of Community of Christ will be covered by Workers' Compensation.

An employee is anyone who performs a service for Community of Christ and receives one or more of the following forms of compensation:  payroll, housing, stipend for services.


  1. Always take care of the injury first.
    • If the injury is minor and care is given on site, the incident should still be reported to Risk Management Services (see Connect for contact information) within 24 hours or the next working day.
    • If emergency care is needed, go to the closest emergency care provider.
      • Tell them this is a Workers' Compensation injury and provide Community of Christ information to them.
      • Do NOT use a personal insurance card.
      • Contact Risk Management immediately
  2. Our Worker’s Comp carrier requires all the questions on the Statement of Injury to be answered. Information can be provided by the injured person and/or others who were witnesses. Be assured that all personal information will be guarded as highly confidential.
  3. Fax or e-mail completed form to Risk Management as soon as possible so the claim can be reported to our carrier.
  4. If the emergency provider has referred the injured person to a treatment center, that center must be approved by our carrier before the follow-up visit is made. Risk Management Services can help.
  5. After claim is reported, a caseworker will contact the injured person to discuss further treatments.