Community of Christ

Voluntary Workers' Insurance

Risk - Voluntary Workers' Insurance

Blanket Excess Accident Insurance

Persons Insured

Volunteer workers (“volunteer” indicates no compensation) in activities sponsored and supervised by Community of Christ (including any of its participating jurisdictions, institutions, or affiliated or subsidiary legal entities) are insured. For example: Persons who assist with construction, maintenance, grounds upkeep, cleaning etc. at their churches and campgrounds. Also, there are volunteer cooks, tour guides, and office volunteers at mission centers and International Headquarters.

Travel to and from activities within the United States in an authorized vehicle is covered.


Coverage includes: Accidental bodily injury that causes loss resulting directly and independently of all other causes while the insured is participating in or in attendance at a volunteer work activity sponsored by and under direct supervision of the sponsoring church body.


  1. Total Lifetime Maximum for all Accident Medical Expense Benefits: $35,000
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $25,000 Principal Sum

Reporting Claims

All claims should be reported to Risk Management Services.