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Outside Groups Using Facilities

Risk - Outside Groups Using Facilities

Outside Entities Using Church Facilities and Campgrounds


The church desires to promote community service and involvement by allowing church facilities and grounds to be used by outside entities.

Whom Does This Affect?

This policy affects any outside entities, groups, or programs that are not directed, controlled, or organized by the church. This includes schools, preschools and daycares since congregations are NOT permitted to operate any of these programs. (See note below regarding After School Programs.) This then applies to meetings, gatherings, or programs by non-church entities who use the church facilities or parking lots.

  • Exception: any persons who use our facilities for weddings/wedding receptions, funerals, and family reunions. (Questions about eligibility for exception? Call (800) 825-2806, ext. 3057.)
  • Restriction: facilities are NOT to be used at any time for
    • hunting with firearms, bow and arrows, traps, etc.
    • receptions or gatherings where alcoholic beverages are being consumed.

Insurance Requirements

In order to protect the church’s facilities and to limit potential liability that the church might suffer from allowing these entities to use church facilities and grounds, the following insurance requirements must be obtained from the outside entities before the facilities are reserved and committed.

The church must receive a certificate of insurance that reflects the following requirements:

  • General Liability Insurance–Either commercial general liability or event general liability coverage evidencing the following:
    • Limits–$1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate
    • Covering–bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, products/completed operations
    • Medical Expense–$5,000 per injury
  • Sexual Abuse Coverage–$1,000,000 per occurrence, $1,000,000 aggregate (This is required for any organization where children and youth are participating.)
  • Automobile Liability–owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles (if applicable)
    • Limits–$1,000,000 combined single limit
    • Medical Expense–$5,000 per injury
  • Workers’ Compensation (WC) and Employers’ Liability (EL) Insurance
    • Workers' Compensation (WC): statutory
    • Employers’ Liability (EL):
      • bodily injury by accident–$500,000 Each Accident
      • bodily injury by disease–$500,000 Policy Limit
      • bodily injury by disease–$500,000 Each Employee
  • Additional Insured–Community of Christ and the local jurisdiction must be named as Additional Insured on each Certificate of Insurance.

Insurance Coverage Approval

Certificates of Insurance are to be faxed to Risk Management for review and approval. Ask them to forward to Legal Services as the lease agreement is being prepared. The fax number is (816) 521-3035.

  • Questions regarding insurance:  (800) 825-2806, ext. 3057
  • Questions regarding leases:  (800) 825-2806, ext. 2217.

After-School Programs

Congregations ARE permitted to organize and operate after-school programs if they meet the following criteria:

  • Operated during “after-school” hours
  • Supported as a ministry of the congregation
  • Not for profit intent—although fees could be assessed to cover expenses
  • Funded at least partially through the congregational budget
  • All staff are registered children and youth workers