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International Travel Insurance

Risk - International Travel Insurance

Travel Accident Insurance

Church employees, volunteers and spouses traveling for the church and affiliates have coverage for injuries suffered when traveling outside their country of residence.  

This policy is for accidental injury and travel related illness occurring while traveling for the church or its affiliates.  

This policy also has a life insurance benefit in addition to the accident and medical coverage.
In case of an accident, a report must be made to Risk Management as soon as possible after medical care is given. Contact Rick Boyd (800) 825-2806 ext. 3057 or the Emergency phone (816) 853-0012.

International SOS

Medical, security, travel advice, and emergency help 24/7 worldwide are provided through International SOS (ISOS), when you are traveling for the church or one of its affiliates, outside your residential home country.  This is not an insurance policy but a service that is provided by the World Church Insurance Program.

Before You Travel

To streamline the reporting process a new method has been established which makes the individual and/or group traveling responsible for their reporting.

There are a number of reasons this information is necessary for us to have.

  1. Since many of you travel into high risk areas, we would be able to alert you and or your family if there is a potentially dangerous event and minimize your exposure to such threats. The SOS assistance program would be able to quickly evacuate and or provide medical assistance if we could inform them of and if we know your itinerary.
  2. The Church carries multiple insurance policies to protect those who travel internationally. In order to buy these policies, we need to accurately and completely report all of our international travel. The documents you are being asked to complete provide the church with vital information to renew the policies and programs and get preferred coverage at optimal costs.

Each Individual must complete and submit the International Travel Personnel Form before their first trip of the year. Once you have completed this form you will not have to complete it for the remainder of the year, unless any of the information changes, then we would need an updated form.

Each trip taken requires the International Travel and Accommodations Itinerary Form be completed and submitted prior to your trip.

Two types of forms are accessible for completion depending on the number of travelers.

  1. Individual Specificdesigned for those who travel alone. (It may be used by up to three individuals, however the travel itinerary must be identical from beginning to end, any difference requires a separate form)
  2. Group Specific—designed for groups of travelers with the exact same travel itinerary, i.e. youth groups, etc. (2 tabs on the workbook need completed)

Complete the Personnel and appropte Itinerary form and save it, then send it to John Bullard and Rick Boyd.

These forms are designed in a specific format and are to be completed in and as excel spreadsheets and returned as an attachment to an email. Please, DO NOT print them and send them as a PDF or any other format.

Sample Sheets are provided, (Individual, Group) however if you have questions on how to complete the forms, please email or call Rick Boyd (816) 833-1000 ext. 3057.

International SOS access

To familiarize yourself with the resources available to you, log on to the ISOS website: Put Community of Christ membership number under "Members Login". The number is located on the front of your card. (To obtain a membership card, please contact Risk Management.  Note: This service may not be used for personal use.)

  1. Prior to departure, access ISOS’s website for accurate updated world information, security reports, online medical reports, or, sign up for daily reports by going into the ISOS website.
  2. Call an assistance center listed on your card for pre-travel information (i.e. vaccinations, required medications, and travel security concerns).
  3. You may also download a phone App which will provide you with immediate security/medical information for the country in which you are traveling. The App is supported on all leading Smartphones including Blackberry, iPhone and Android. To download, open your Smartphone’s browser and go to Once downloaded you will need your Church membership number to log in. With this App on your Smartphone, you can:
  4. Quick dial the nearest International SOS Assistance Center for help in an emergency, or any advice about your health or safety.
  5. View up-to-date medical and security alerts about the location you’re in or traveling to. That way, you always know what’s going on around the world and can change plans, quickly, if needed.
  6. Receive essential medical and security advice and information about your destination from a trusted expert.
  7. Access medical and security information on over 200 countries worldwide.

While You Are Traveling:  

  1. Non-Emergency—contact ISOS when you:
    a.    Need health, safety and security advise
    b.    Must speak with an experienced, local doctor or security specialist
    c.    Need a local doctor or other provider credentialed by ISOS medical staff
    d.    Require supplies of medication or medical equipment
    e.    Need assistance due to the loss of travel documents or legal advice

    Note:  If you lose your card while traveling and do not know your membership number, call Risk Management during business hours or call your nearest assistance center after hours.

  2. In an Emergency—call ISOS immediately to:
    a.    Arrange for medical transportation or care
    b.    Coordinate medical payments with providers
    c.    Evacuate you to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate  
    d.    Provide help if your safety is at risk
    e.    Contact your family
    f.    You also must always contact others traveling with you and/or your supervisor as well, for all emergencies, to inform them of your situation.