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Head Lice Treatment

Risk - Head Lice Treatment

Policy and Procedures for Head Lice Treatment in the Camp Setting

If head lice are found during screening of the participant, the following procedures are recommended:

  • Immediately remove the camper from the camp setting by sending the camper home. Bedding should be washed if provided by the camp.
  • Treatment should occur immediately at the camper’s home, and the camper should remain out of the camp setting for at least 24 hours after treatment.
  • Before re-admittance to the camp, camper must be nit free.
  • To assure effectiveness of treatment, previously treated campers should be checked daily for any evidence of new infestations for 10 days after treatment.

Camps will need to comply with local health department regulations concerning head lice. Please note that local regulations may supersede camp policies. For complete diagnosis procedures and treatment option, contact your local health department.