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Bodily Injury Claims

Risk - Bodily Injury Claims

If you have a workers' compensation claim go here.

If someone is injured or requires medical attention while on church premises or at a church activity, follow these procedures.

  1. Seek appropriate medical attention.
  2. Investigate the situation and protect personnel from further injury.
  3. List all possible witnesses with names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  4. Report the situation to Risk Management Services for Activity, Volunteer, International Travel/Medical claims and to your supervisor, pastor, or camp director the same day or next working day.
  5. Complete a Bodily Injury and Illness Report Form and return it to Risk Management Services as quickly as possible.
  6. Our insurance policies are secondary. All medical bills should be submitted first to the injured person's own insurance company for payment.
  7. If the individual’s own health insurance doesn't pay the total amount of the bill, submit the following to Risk Management Services:
    • An explanation of benefits from the insurance company and all other sources showing amount paid (EOB).
    • Medical bills (copies only) showing balance due. It must match EOB amount.
  8. If the church might be negligent, the claim will be submitted Risk Management who will contact the church-contracted adjuster to investigate. The adjuster may take a statement from all those who may have knowledge of the incident.