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Ideas for Youth

Revelation - Ideas for Youth

Continuing Revelation

In humility, individually and in community, we prayerfully listen to understand God’s will for our lives, the church, and creation more completely.

Peter’s Vision

Acts 10

“Holy Spirit, Teacher, Friend” CCS 181

Applying Peter’s vision as recorded in Acts 10 to accept all as God’s children, on a large sheet of paper or fabric, draw some of the things that Peter saw in his vision. Then draw or write the names of those who might be included in a current vision of who needs to be accepted—would it include homeless, disable, immigrants, those of other cultures? Who specifically in your community should be included? Discuss with others how your congregation can carry out your response to Peter’s vision.

  • Head bowed with hands folded
  • Sitting with hands extended, palms up—optionally, rest the backs of the hands on the thighs
  • Sitting or standing with arms stretched upward
  • Both hands clasped over the heart
  • Kneeling
  • Lying prostrate on the ground with arms outstretched, forming a cross with the body

Prayer Posture Listening

Doctrine and Covenants 159:8

“God Is Still Speaking” CCS 282

People listen to God in many different ways. Some of these are called spiritual practices. Prayer posture  is a form of listening that invites prayer to come from a deeper place within your spirit. The way your body is positioned is the form of the prayer.

Practice each of the following prayer postures for a few moments. Which one seems most comfortable to you? Which is least familiar? Choose one and try to spend three to five minutes in that posture simply listening to God. Share your experience with a friend or family member.

Action Challenge
As a group, create a free-form map of where you feel God is calling your group. Start in the center of a large sheet of paper. Briefly define and illustrate your theme. Write ideas branching out in all directions. Add details and more ideas.

Key words: revelation, scripture, discernment, listening