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Ideas for Young Children

Revelation - Ideas for Young Children

Continuing Revelation

Bible Box

Key Concept: Acting out scripture stories helps to understand, learn, and remember them.

Scripture: Mark 12:29-31

Song: “This Is My Commandment”

Create a Bible box. Collect items children can use to act out scripture stories. Some items you may want to include: stuffed animals, dolls (man, woman, child, old man, old woman, baby), a boat, blocks or building logs, a green cloth and a blue cloth for Earth and water, a tree, artificial bread or fruit, netting for fishing nets, baskets, cups, pitchers. Robes and scarves are also fun for dress-up. Gather items from your home or visit a second-hand store, discount store, or craft store. Then using a children’s bible, such as My First Bible, choose a story such as the story of the lost sheep. Read through the story once and ask your child to think about what items they could use to act out the story. Have children set the scene for the story with the items they chose. Read the story again, prompting them to act it out as you go. Discuss together what the story means to us. What lesson does this story have for us today?

Challenge: Encourage children to retell the Bible stories to someone else.

Keywords: bible, story, drama, skit, scripture

God Listens – We Listen and See God

Key Concept: God is listening and speaking to us every day.

Scripture: Lord, show me your ways. Teach me how to follow you. —Psalm 25: 4

Song: “Listen in the Silence” Community of Christ Sings #153
           “God Answers Prayers in the Morning”

Go outside and sit under a tree or take a walk or find a special place where everyone can be comfortable. Explain that they can talk to God anywhere, any time of day. Take turns talking to God. Encourage them to talk to God as a friend. Have them tell God about their day. Thank God for the specific things around them, their family, and friends.

Next ask everyone to sit quietly for a few moments. What do they hear? (birds, dogs, cars, people) What do they see? (Flowers, sun, sky, clouds, grass, trees) Explain that we believe God continues to listen and talk to us today. Help the children see and hear God through the things they are seeing and hearing around them.

Challenge: Talk about times they can remember to pray at home. (before meals, before bed, when you are sad, when you are scared, when you are thankful)

Keywords: prayer, revelation, listen, personal spiritual practice