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Ideas for All Ages Together

Revelation - Ideas for All Ages Together

Continuing Revelation

We prayerfully listen to understand God’s will for our lives, the church, and creation more completely.

How Does God Speak to You?

Doctrine and Covenants 159:8
“Open My Heart” CCS 171

Growing in understanding God’s will is called continuing revelation. God is continually revealed through scripture, through prayer, and through our experiences or the experiences of others. Read Doctrine and Covenants 159:8 about gaining confidence in sensing the leadings of the Spirit. Label columns on chart paper or a whiteboard: “Scripture,” “Prayer,” “Experiences.” Ask the group “How does God speak to you?” or “How do you hear God’s call?” As people respond, write their thoughts under one of the three columns. Point out that Community of Christ has a prophet, but is also a prophetic people. Everyone has the responsibility to try to understand God’s will.

Keywords: Scripture and Theological Study, discernment

Time Capsule

Matthew 22:37-40, Mosiah1:49
“Community of Christ” CCS 354

As a group, study the book Community of Christ: An Illustrated History. If your group found a time capsule representing our church’s history, what would you expect to find in it? Have each group member make a list and then share it with the group. Listen to why each included specific items. What would be the most valuable items to put in a time capsule to pass on to others? What does each item reveal about an understanding of God and God’s will?

Keywords: Scripture and Theological Study, Community Spiritual Practice, church history