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Ideas for Adults

Revelation - Ideas for Adults

Continuing Revelation

God graciously reveals divine will today as in the past.

Hear the Call

Acts 10
Doctrine and Covenants 163:1
“God Is Calling” CCS 172

As a congregation, ask members to write down examples of times when they felt or heard a strong calling from God. Pair up or create small groups—preferably intergenerational groups, and have members tell one another about their experiences. Are you familiar with the call your own congregational members experience? Does their experience teach you about listening to God’s continued call? What was the most recent experience, and what was the call?

Action: Be aware of God’s call to you and people around you. Take steps to carry out the mission to which you are called.

Keywords: call, mission, discussion, missional encounter

Ways of Discovering God’s Will

John 14:26–27
“How Shall We Find You” CCS 10

What is the purpose of continuing revelation? What are the six lenses Community of Christ uses to gain a better sense of the Spirit’s witness about the purposes of God? Faithful discipleship includes faithfully seeking with other disciples a clearer understanding of God’s will. Use Stephen M. Veazey’s video “Ways of Discovering God’s Will” and its accompanying listening guide to grow in your discipleship as you begin to apply the Community of Christ way of discovering a clearer sense of God’s will.

Keywords: lifelong, learning, discernment

A Guide for Lent

Join the Lenten journey to seek deeper connection with God and all creation. Use the weekly Lenten practices and daily acts for personal spiritual practice, community worship, small group ministry, and family devotions.