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Reunion Resources 2022

The conversation continues…

Our journey from World Conference 2019 has been guided by the question: Are we moving toward Jesus, the peaceful One? Resources for reunions, family camps, and field gatherings in 2020 and 2021 were prepared to explore this question and guide conversations about nonviolence in preparation for World Conference 2023. The global pandemic has significantly limited opportunities for groups to engage with these formational resources and experiences.

Rather than create additional resources, groups are encouraged to use the “Living Jesus…Living Peace” (2020) and “Let Peace Dwell Here” (2021) resources. Supplemental materials are provided for adult study, worship, and sharing services. Our journey is enriched as the content, questions, and practices continue to shape personal, small group, and community experiences.

You are invited to draw from the variety of resources provided and keep the conversation going as we deepen our understanding of what it means to move toward and with Jesus, the peaceful One. 

Resources for Adult Study and World Conference Preparation

Current resources for study and preparation:

Additional resources coming soon:

  • Cross-cultural Conversations on Nonviolence (supplement created by Council of Twelve)
  • Draft definitions of violence and nonviolence provide by the First Presidency
  • Short videos sharing perspectives from diverse cultures and contexts

Resources for All Ages 

Select from “Living Jesus…Living Peace” (2020) and “Let Peace Dwell Here” (2021) resources

  • Worship and Sharing Services (2022 supplement coming soon)
  • Youth 
  • Children
  • Campfire suggestions