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Reunion Resources 2019

Reunion Resources 2019

Community of Christ members and friends often gather together in fellowship and learning experiences called reunions or family camps. This relaxed and casual atmosphere provides space for spiritual growth, personal discernment, incredible amounts of fun, deeper commitment, new and renewed relationships, and so very much more! 

2019 Theme: "Following the Spirit"

Daily themes

  • Called into the future…Where is the Spirit leading? 
  • Embracing new life…What is forming in us?
  • Companions on a journey…How do we nurture what is emerging?
  • Growing deeper…How can we free our full capacity?
  • Becoming blessing…What are the next faithful steps?


Theme-based Resources

Worship - Following the Spirit: A Deeper Journey
    Adults - Following the Spirit: Calling, Hope, and Possibility

    This text is now available from Herald House

    Children - Following the Spirit: Loving Like Jesus        

    Children's Songs 

    Youth - Following the Spirit: Loving Like Jesus        
    Additional Resources