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Reunion Resources 2018

Reunion Resources 2018

Community of Christ members and friends often gather together in fellowship and learning experiences called reunions or family camps. This relaxed and casual atmosphere provides space for spiritual growth, personal discernment, incredible amounts of fun, deeper commitment, new and renewed relationships, and so very much more! 

2018 Reunion Themes

Breathe Peace
Live Witness
Embody Wholeness
Embrace Formation
Experience Restoration

Focus Scripture Passage

Doctrine and Covenants 156:5

Theme-based Resources


Additional resources for worship 


Lessons will focus on how the purposes of the Temple, drawn from D&C 156:5, invite the church to journey anew with what it means to embody the purposes of the Temple. God breathes new life into the church and the world as disciples receive, embody, and share these purposes. 

  • Lesson 1: Pursuit of peace, reconciliation, and healing of the spirit
  • Lesson 2: Strengthening of faith and preparation for witness
  • Lesson 3: Wholeness of body, mind, and spirit
  • Lesson 4: Leadership education for PH and member
  • Lesson 5: Restoration as healing and redeeming agent 

This text is now available from Herald House


Children's Songs 

Additional Resources
  • PowerPoint template for reunion directors, worship planners, or instructors
  • Reunion Chats - use this guide to facilitate a discussion about the idea of a Generosity Cycle