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Reunion Resources 2017

Reunion Resources 2017

Fully Awake and Ready to Respond

Community of Christ members and friends often gather together in fellowship and learning experiences called reunions or family camps. In this relaxed and casual atmosphere, participants share the Enduring Principle, Blessings of Community.

2017 Reunion Themes

Awaken to God’s Invitation
Awaken to Spiritual Transformation
Awaken to Unfolding Mission
Awaken to Sacramental Living
Awaken to Living Sanctuary

Focus Scripture Passages

Doctrine and Covenants 156:3,4, 5a-e; 158:11c; 161:2a, 5; 162:2; 163:1, 8a-c 

Additional scripture texts: Luke 7:44-47, Acts 1:8, Luke 24:48; Doctrine and Covenants 38:7b-c, 92:2a-b; Ephesians 2:21-22

Theme-based Resources

Worship Services

The 2017 reunion worship service resource include:

  • Opening Worship: Awaken! 
  • Five services based on daily themes.
  • Commitment Service: Respond! 

Created by Twyla Glassford, Kat Goheen, Jan Marshall, Ginny Miller, and Pat Pallister. 

Intergenerational Sharing Services

Intergenerational Sharing Services incorporate elements for all ages together. Created by Monica Bradford and Katie Harmon-McLaughlin.

Adult Text

The adult text Fully Awake and Ready to Respond is available through

Children's Lessons

The Children's Lessons provide adaptations for multiple ages of children. Created by Barb Harmon. 

Youth Lessons

Youth Lessons are appropriate for ages 12-18. Created by Laura Bolton, Janné Grover, and Carla Long

Extra Materials

Worship Service Images

Download images for worship services from Dropbox. 


John Rounds from the Arizona Mission Center created a set of dramas similar to scripts from the 2016 reunion materials. These dramas are about a character named Alex Wake (or A. Wake to match our theme this year) and John has offered to share these with the church in case other reunions would like to use them. Download them here