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Reunion Resources 2016

Reunion Resources 2016

Of Water and Spirit:
Disciples in Community of Christ

Community of Christ members and friends often gather together in fellowship and learning experiences called reunions or family camps. In this relaxed and casual atmosphere, participants share the Enduring Principle, Blessings of Community.

2016 Themes

Day 1: We Believe

Day 2: We Learn

Day 3: We Share

Day 4: We Proclaim

Day 5: We Receive

Day 6: We Respond

Theme-Based Resources:

  • All-Ages Devotions and Activities
    This guide provides devotions and object lessons for multigenerational groups focusing on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Sharing Services
    These services focus on spiritual practices to prompt reflection and sharing.
  • Worship Resources
    Six intergenerational worship service outlines have been created by a multi-nation team of field writers to be
    used as guides for preparing worship services that meet the needs of your community of friends and members who gather to share in fellowship, song, and worship at reunion or family camp.
  • Adults
    The first six lessons from the resource Of Water and Spirit is to be used for adult classes. Of Water and Spirit can be purchased from
  • Youth Activity Guide
    The first six lessons from the resource Of Water and Spirit is to be used for youth classes. The Youth Activity Guide provides suggestions for music, videos, games, crafts, and discussions. Of Water and Spirit can be purchased from
  • Children's Activity Guide
    The first six lessons from the resource Of Water and Spirit for Children is to be used with children's classes. A supplemental Children's Activity Guide has been created to accompany the resource. This provides extra games, crafts, snacks, and music for use during the week. Of Water and Spirit for Children can be purchased from
  • Lessons for Young Children
    Explore the theme Of Water and Spirit using language and object lessons suitable for children ages 3–5. Lessons include scripture stories, music suggestions, art activities, games, interactive activities, spiritual practices, and snack suggestions. Each lesson plan provides suggestions to prepare and teach the class.

Additional Resources:

  • Campfire Ministry
  • Camping Guidelines for Risk Management
  • Daily Prayer for Peace
    Reunion planners are encouraged to provide Daily Prayer for Peace services for their reunions, sharing as those who gather in the Temple Sanctuary do every day of the year. The 10–15 minute reunion Daily Prayer for Peace service can be planned any time during the reunion day or, where desired, done simultaneously with the one in Independence—1:00 p.m. central time.

    The text of the Temple Daily Prayer for Peace services can be printed and used directly from the Internet. Or a person in attendance at reunion may write his or her own Prayer for Peace segment and substitute it for the prayer provided in the service. May the Prince of All Peace attend us in our prayer.