Community of Christ

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Repentance Ideas

Service of Repentance

Worship Setting

Dim lighting and candles. This service may be appropriate for an evening vespers.


Invocation standing or kneeling

Hymns of Entreaty  Choose two or three songs from this list.

“As the Wind Song through the Trees”  CCS 42
"Soften My Heart"  CCS 187
"Come, Holy Spirit, Come"  CCS 154
"Wind Upon the Waters”  CCS 49

Examine the Scriptures

Matthew 22:37–39
Doctrine and Covenants 151:8
III Nephi 10:1
Mark 3:35

Hymns of Holiness: Choose one or two songs from this list.

“Santo, Santo, Santo"  CCS 159
"Womb of Life and Source of Being”  CCS 62

Meditation Moments

Provide quiet music as people meditate and consider their shortcomings.

Prayer Moments

Assign priests and teachers to stations throughout the room so people from the congregation can come to them and share together in prayers of repentance. Meditation time and soft music continue during the prayers.

Community Prayer for Forgiveness

Ask someone ahead of time to offer this prayer.

Music Moment: Play "I Will Never Be" from The Smithton Outpouring: Revival from the Heartland (Word Music, LLC, 1999). ASIN B00000JIZK
OR Hymn: "God Forgave My Sin in Jesus’ Name”  CCS 627

Blessing and Serving the Bread and Wine

Serve Communion to symbolize forgiveness. Have people come up to receive the emblems (if they are able) to symbolize the steps that we take that make us not just passive receivers; we are making a deliberate choice. Be ready to serve those not able to come forward.

Hymn: "The Weight of Past and Fruitless Guilt"  CCS 214

Closing Prayer standing or kneeling

Our Reflection Continues

Provide baskets at the exit doors of the sanctuary for Disciples’ Generous Response contributions to be made as people exit.

Continue to provide soft meditation music. Tell the congregation they may remain and meditate as long as they wish. People can leave the sanctuary at their own pace.