Community of Christ

RCYW Status

RCYW Status

Revocation and Temporary-suspension Guidance

The privilege of being a Registered Children and Youth Worker (RCYW) requires:

  • A sense of calling to minister to children and young people.
  • An exemplary lifestyle.
  • A willingness to mentor through actions and words.
  • An understanding of the boundaries that exist when ministering to children and young people.

Situations arise when a person or local jurisdiction leaders feel it no longer is appropriate for a Registered Children and Youth Worker to minster in that role. Church leaders are guided by the following information to determine what action should be taken.

1. Inactivity/Request for Release

At the request of the mission center president a Registered Children and Youth Worker may have status removed because he or she:

  • no longer is active
  • no longer wishes to minister in this way in the church

2. Criminal Charges of a Non-abuse Nature

The mission center president may request revocation of a person’s RCYW status following the filing of criminal charges. In this instance the RCYW registration is temporarily suspended. If the charges are heard by the court within six months and the person is cleared, his or her RCYW status may be reinstated.

3. Allegation of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior Not Relating to Criminal Charges

If an accusation of inappropriate behavior has been made, the person’s RCYW status should be suspended immediately. Legal Services leads an information-gathering process for every accusation. (This process is documented elsewhere) Interviewers are assigned by Legal Services and the field apostle or designee to interview witnesses and provide a report to Legal Services and the field apostle.

Once the allegation is investigated and involved parties are interviewed, a decision about the ability of the RCYW to remain registered will be made. The field apostle, supported by Legal Services, will decide on the appropriateness of continued children and youth ministry by this person.

4. Church Membership Withdrawn

If a person asks for his or her membership to be removed from Community of Christ, then the RCYW status will remain on his or her profile. This profile will continue to be displayed on Shelby, and names will be included in any reports run for that jurisdiction.

5. Criminal Charges of Abuse

RCYW status is removed.

If the person is cleared of charges (no time limit applies) he or she must reapply to be an RCYW.

6. Request for RCYW Status to Be Removed for Any Other Reason

This request may result from concerns about life choices, inappropriate judgments, events in an individual’s personal life, or perceived effectiveness and appropriateness of work with children and youth.

At the request of the mission center president the RCYW status is suspended.

If within six months the mission center president determines circumstances have changed sufficiently so the person demonstrates stability and maturity required to be an RCYW, then an e-mail request for reinstatement should be sent to Legal Services.

If the suspension lasts more than six months, RCYW status is revoked and the person must reapply to be an RCYW.