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Priesthood as Registered Children and Youth Workers

Priesthood as Registered Children and Youth Workers

The document Ministry and Priesthood (2013) states the following under “Covenant Principles for Faithful Priesthood,”

I covenant to ...protect the safety and well-being of children and youth, including, where applicable, being a Registered Children and Youth Worker.

The First Presidency expects that all priesthood in Community of Christ should seek registration as children and youth workers.

The Church Administrator’s Handbook (2005 edition) states:

Only registered [children and] youth workers will be used in church youth programs…To ensure quality, safe programs, it is appropriate to ask people to register even if they are not currently serving in ministry with children and youth. This allows for substitutes or replacements without jeopardizing the ongoing safety of a program [or children]. This would include those who are not directly responsible for ministry with children and youth, but who serve in close relationship, such as cooks at camps and all priesthood.