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Presidents of Seventy

Presidents of Seventy

Ministry of the Seventy

Seventies are ministers specifically focused on inviting and witnessing to people seeking to commit their lives to Christ. The priesthood office and its function are modeled after the tenth chapter of Luke in the New Testament:

After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go. —Luke 10:1 NRSV

The seventies are specifically charged with carrying out missionary work for the church in close association with other missionary leaders. Each quorum has a specific geographical emphasis.

Tanoh Assoi
President of Quorum 1
Africa Mission Field

Amson Mallick
President of Quorum 2
South Central and Southeast Asia Mission Field

Larry R. McGuire
Secretary, Council of Presidents of Seventy
President of Quorum 3 
Western USA Mission Field
Special assignment: Arizona USA Mission Center President

President of Quorum 10
Eurasia Mission Field

Keith E. McMillan
President of Quorum 4
South Central USA Mission Field and Southeast USA Mission Field

Karin F. Peter
President of Quorum 5
North Central USA Mission Field
Special support in Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center

John S. Wight  
Senior President of Seventy
President of Quorum 6
Central USA Mission Field and North East USA Mission Field

Unfilled at this time
Quorum 7
Central and South American Mission Field

John F. Glaser
President of Quorum 8 
Caribbean Mission Field and Canada-Haiti-Mexico Mission Fields

Adam Wade
President of Quorum 9
Pacific-East Asia Mission Field