Community of Christ

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First Presidency

First Presidency

The First Presidency provides primary leadership to the Community of Christ and is its highest-ranking priesthood quorum, consisting of the President of the church and two counselors.  Together they preside over all aspects of the international church.

Stephen M. Veazey
President of the Church

Stassi D. Cramm
Counselor to the President

K. Scott Murphy
Counselor to the President

Ministry of First Presidency

Represent Christ primarily as ministers...

of prophetic visioning and worldwide church leadership.

Especially proclaim and promote...

God's vision for creation and the church's mission throughout the world.

Particularly minister with...

World Church leaders, priesthood, members, affiliates, and partner organizations to promote Christ's mission.

Support sacramental ministries by...

interpreting sacramental meaning and procedures for the worldwide church and highlighting the need to look to the sacraments for spiritual growth and revival.

Promote community by...

leading and pastoring the worldwide faith community.

Promote justice and peacemaking by...

leading justice and peacemaking initiatives for the World Church, including partnering with other national and international organizations.

Create ministry partnerships with...

Melchisedec priesthood yet are responsible for all priesthood organization and ministries.