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Piano Club

Piano Club

The mission of World Church Piano Club is to inspire and train congregational pianists so they can serve as worship leaders at the keyboard.

We invite you to join us if you are a pianist of any degree of accomplishment, a pastor, a music director who wishes to encourage potential musicians, a parent or friend of a young pianist, or if you are just interested in our goals.

Piano Club Benefits

Members of the World Church Piano Club receive the following six times per year:

  • Piano Club Notes: each issue of the official newsletter includes hymn background information, playing suggestions, news, and puzzles.
  • Piano/Organ Arrangements: one new hymn, arranged for five different playing levels ranging from beginner to advanced, plus a simple organ arrangement.

Arrangement Levels

Level A—Early Elementary
  • Melodies divided between the hands
  • Melodies stay in the 5-finger position
Level B—Elementary
  • Melodies have planned moves away from the 5-finger position
  • Melody in right hand; easy accompaniment in the left hand using single notes, blocked intervals, and triads
Level C—Early Intermediate
  • 3-part harmonizations
  • Hands move freely over the keyboard
Level D—Mid to Late Intermediate
  • Similar in difficulty to regular 4-part hymns
Level E—Advanced
  • Concert arrangements
  • Arrangements for organ at about Level C