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Ideas for Young Children

Peace - Ideas for Young Children

Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)

Your Word Is a Lamp to my Feet

Key Concept: We follow the word of God.

Scripture: Psalm 119:105

Song: “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart”
“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” Community of Christ Sings #499

Place cut-out footprints in a path that leads to a picture depicting the peaceable kingdom. For example, friends hugging, two people sharing a meal, a group planting a garden, the church seal. Explain that they will follow the footprints and that you will use a flashlight to point to one footprint at a time. Invite the children to move with you to the lighted footprint. As you move from footprint to footprint, read aloud Psalm 119:105, “Your (God’s) word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” When you arrive at the peaceable kingdom picture, shine the flashlight on each person one at a time and say “You are the joy of God’s heart.”

Challenge: Play a game of follow the leader. The leader pretends they are Jesus and the others follow. Take turns, let the leader wear a robe and scarf to remind others they represent our friend Jesus whose example we try to follow.

Keywords: object lesson, game

Animals at Peace

Key Concept: God wants peace for all creation.

Scripture: Isaiah 11:6–7

Song: “Peace Salaam Shalom” Community of Christ #310

In a class or group setting, create a mural based on Isaiah 11:6–7. Tape a mural of newsprint on the wall so that the top of it is just a bit taller than the children. Outline a mountain, rolling hills, fields, and a river. Cut out (from coloring books or Internet printouts) animals named in Isaiah: wolves, lambs, cattle, leopards, calves, lions, goats, cubs, bears, and snakes. Give everyone time to color the animals. While children color, ask each child to let you trace their shape onto the mural.

Gather around the poster board, tell the Isaiah story: Isaiah was a prophet, which meant that he talked about God’s vision for the world. He said God would send the Messiah and that animals will live together peacefully. The wolf and the lamb will lie down together. (Children with wolf and lamb cutouts will tape or glue the animals to the poster board.) The leopards and goats will be at peace. (Children with the leopards and goats come forward. The rest will stick on their pictures of animals and children in turn.) Calves and fat cattle will be safe among lions, and a little child shall lead them all. Cows will graze with bears. Cubs and calves will lie down together. Lions will eat grass instead of meat. Babies will crawl with snakes and nothing will hurt them.

Tell the children how important and special they are, and how they can be peacemakers in their homes and when they play with friends.

Challenge: Teach others the song, “Peace Salaam Shalom.”

Keywords: craft, story, shared experiences, scripture