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Ideas for Children

Peace - Ideas for Children

Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)

We are peacemakers. We follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and we work with God for shalom.

John 14:27
Matthew 5:9

“Peace, Salaam, Shalom” CCS #310

Draw a Prayer

Take some paper and crayons or colored pencils with you the next time you go to a worship service. Listen carefully to the sermon, the call to worship, the words of the hymns. What is one thing, person, or group of people talked about in the worship service that you would like to pray for? (God’s creation being harmed, countries or people who are fighting one another, people who don’t know about God). Right then, draw a picture that shows your prayer. You may also draw a prayer while watching TV, hearing about a problem at school, your community, or in the world, or when a friend or member of your community is sick or having problems. You may give them the prayer that you drew and continue praying for others.

Keywords: prayer, community spiritual practice, craft

God’s Hope of Shalom

Shalom means justice, well-being, wholeness, and peace. It means every part of you is healthy and cared for, that you are following Christ, and bringing peace and justice to others. God wants shalom for all creation. To learn spiritual practices and to feel God’s shalom for you, use the journal and videos of Learning to Recognize God (link). Each day for 28 days watch the guided meditations and respond in the journal pages.

Keywords: shalom, justice, creation, journal, personal spiritual practices

Peace Pole

A peace pole is a hand-crafted sign or post that displays the message of peace. There are peace poles throughout the world, and several at Community of Christ congregations and campgrounds. Create miniature peace poles using scrap pieces of wood. Paint the poles including the word peace in different languages on each side. Here are words for peace from other languages: paix (French), amani (Swahili), vrede (Dutch), paz (Spanish), damai (Indonesian), lapé (Haitian), and kapayapaan (Filipino). Find more translations online, in your library, or at the Children’s Peace Pavilion.

Discuss: Why do you think we should have peace around the world? What can you do to encourage peaceful solutions? What would God’s hope of shalom (a world at peace) look like? You may wish to draw a picture or write a prayer to go with your peace pole.

Keywords: peace pole, craft, witnessing and storytelling, peace