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Ideas for All Ages Together

Peace - Ideas for All Ages Together

Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)

Led by the Holy Spirit, we work to restore shalom (justice, wholeness, and peace) to creation.

The Alphabet of Peace

Matthew 5:9
“Let There Be Peace on Earth” CCS 307

Discuss together the Enduring Principle, Pursuit of Peace. Read aloud the sub-points. Ask the group to write an alphabet of peace. For each letter of the alphabet, identify and comment on a word that begins with that letter and is related to pursuing peace in today’s world. For example, Z is for Zion the peaceable kingdom where we share God’s peace.

Keywords: Community Spiritual Practice

Living in Harmony with One Another

Romans 12:15-16
“Peace, Salaam, Shalom” CCS 310

Prayerfully prepare for this spiritual practice by watching the video “Peace through All People” featuring Community of Christ musicians from all over the world!

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another… —Romans 12:15–16 NRSV

In community, we honor all realities and responses to pain, discomfort, celebration, relief, anticipation, fear, and uncertainty. Personal welfare depends on the welfare of others, the welfare of the community. How can we honor everyone gathered in this place right now? Practicing Unity in Diversity means that sometimes the very thing that makes one rejoice, makes another weep. As one body, we feel all of it. In sacred community, there must be space for all the realities of our lives. Our unity, even in our differences in this moment, is imperative to building signal communities in preparing for God’s reign. What does it mean for you that we need each one to experience the Zion of our dreams?

We weep with those who weep… (time of prayer)
We rejoice with those who rejoice… (time of prayer)
We live in harmony with one another… (time of prayer)
—Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

Keywords: prayer, Community Spiritual Practice