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Ideas for Adults

Peace - Ideas for Adults

Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)

Led by the Holy Spirit, we work to restore shalom (justice, wholeness, and peace) to creation.

Passing the Peace

John 14:27
“Put Peace into Each Other’s Hands” CCS 309

There are many New Testament texts that use the words peace be with you. It has become a part of the liturgy of some Christian faith communities in what is known as the “passing of the peace.” One person says to another, “The peace of the Lord be with you.” The other person responds, “And also with you.” Some Community of Christ congregations use this greeting occasionally.

Action: Discuss the following questions. What does it imply when spoken one to another? Saying words is easier than pursuing peace. What will you do to move from speech to action?

Keywords: peace, hospitality, scripture, study

Peace Vigil

Isaiah 2:2–4
“Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield” CCS 321

Plan a Peace Vigil on the anniversary of a significant act of pursuing peace; for example, in the United States, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day or the anniversary of dedicating the Community of Christ Temple in 1994. A vigil is organized with an appointed length of time, and includes periodic moments to focus thoughts and remember by using readings (about the topic), candle lighting, singing, and prayers. Many vigils last 12 hours, culminating at the specific time and date of the historic event (for example, a vigil was held at the Temple on the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21). For twelve hours, people gathered in support of world peace. On the hour, a reading was shared, a large candle lit, a song was sung, and a prayer for peace was offered. People could light small candles from the larger candles to take with them as a way of remembering their commitment to world peace. Some vigils are designed to be “come and go” so people can attend parts of the program as their schedules allow.

Action: Attend or organize and invite the community to a prayer vigil.

Keywords: community, spiritual, vigil, peace

Just Speak

Psalm 34:12–14
“Help Us Accept Each Other” CCS 333

We share space and time with many people, but how often do we really see others. How do people see us?
Action: Be kind to strangers in your community. Make eye contact and speak to people who are near you, whether on a sidewalk (pavement), in a store (shop), at your workplace, or at an event.

Keywords: worth, acceptance, shared, experiences, community