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Criteria for Selecting Candidates

Criteria were agreed on at a meeting of the International Peace Award Search Committee in December 1998, with minor revisions in 2006. Obviously, nominations that reflect many or most of the criteria will have the greatest chance of success. The criteria are as follows:

  • The candidate is well-known and already recognized as a major peacemaker or is an established and significant peacemaker but not yet widely recognized;
  • would be helped by the award in terms of their peacemaking work;
  • could help Community of Christ move forward in its peacemaking mission with a possibility of an ongoing relationship that is mutually beneficial;
  • can speak with authority to an issue the Community of Christ needs to address and follow up in a programmatic way in the life of the church;
  • is a good speaker who will empower those who hear to engage in peacemaking;
  • is of good character;
  • is of significance in the USA and/or internationally, or potentially so.

In addition, it is felt that it would help if the candidates were representative of different nationalities or ethnic groups, such as black or Hispanic, and of different world religions, e.g., Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Women should continue to be equally represented.

Complete the Nominations for International Peace Award form to nominate a candidate.

The candidate should be alive. The award cannot be given posthumously.