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COVID-19  Ongoing Response

Community of Christ Lessons


While gathering in person is not possible in many locations, these lessons offer resources for online gatherings, sunday school, study groups, or even for personal or family reflection. Community of Christ lessons are available for children (ages 6–11), youth (ages 12–18), and adults. Weekly lessons connect the Lectionary text with Community of Christ identity, mission, message, and beliefs.

Lessons beginning 29 November 2020 through November 2021 are now available for download. Visit the Lessons page today!

Honduras, Raked by Hurricanes, Receives Oblation Aid


Apostle Carlos Mejia in Honduras reports that Hurricane Eta damaged the northern part of the country 4 November, followed 17 November by Hurricane Iota that destroyed many roads and bridges throughout the country. Communication since has been unreliable, Mejia says.

The Presiding Bishopric indicates $40,000 in Community of Christ Oblation Aid has been sent to assist in response to the storm damage. Oblation aid is part of the Worldwide Mission budget.

"We had not yet woken up from Hurricane Eta when the other Hurricane Iota arrived. This was an experience never lived for some generations," Mejia said.  

"Several of our members and many families in general lost everything. Reaching some neighborhood communities is like reaching a war zone, everything is [destroyed]. At this moment there are many places that the water is still flooding the houses and it is impossible to reach these people with help.

"Thank you to the entire church for your support in these difficult times," he concluded in a recent message to International Headquarters.  

Supporting Worldwide Mission Tithes helps meet needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, storms, and fires around the world. 

May we remember and pray for all those affected by these tragedies.

2020 Worldwide Mission Tithes Update Through October


As we move through the Generosity Cycle, we give thanks to the generous disciples who continue to support local and worldwide mission through Mission Tithes.

With a strong November and December, together we can reach the 2020 Worldwide Mission Tithes goal range.

Remember to participate in Giving Tuesday on 1 December. The first $200,000 contributed will be matched. 

eLearning Blue Session Begins 14 December


Registration for the Blue Session of credit classes will open 14 December. Enrollment is limited:

  • Ministry of the Deacon (MP302): Six weeks, 9 January-12 February, $25.00
  • Introduction to Priesthood (MP300): Eight weeks, 9 January-26 February, $25.00
  • Ministry of the High Priest (MP307): Eight weeks, 9 January-26 February. Instructor: David Anderson, president Quorum of High Priests, $25.00
  • Introduction to Pastor Ministry: Six weeks, 9 January-26 February, $25.00
  • New: Generational Overview (mini-class): Three weeks, 9 January-29 January, $18.00

To enroll, go to and click on the USA Registration Form when registration opens on 14 December. Pay for classes online. 

Study of the Guiding Question Continues 7 December


You are invited to continue the study of the guiding question, "Are We Moving Toward Jesus, the Peaceful One?," a yearlong series of linked Herald magazine articles, videos, and live online discussions.

Join us 7 December when Apostle Janné Grover leads a discussion with Michael Wright and Elray Henrickson, authors of the current articles in the series. Opportunities will be provided to question the authors and to participate in small-group discussion.   

Wright and Henrickson will discuss:

Please register by 6 December. 

Zoom links will be shared on 7 December. 

Because authors for this session reside in Europe, the previous start time has changed.  

10:00 a.m. Pacific
11:00 a.m. Mountain 
12:00 p.m. Central 
1:00 p.m. Eastern
7:00 p.m. Europe

The series, found at, is an entry point to ongoing conversation about nonviolence by reclaiming and deepening our understanding of first-century Jesus and how that affects us as his followers today. Previous sections of this study series are linked on the Guiding Question page.

The multimedia connection points are intended to create opportunities for discussion and education in response to World Conference Resolution 1319.

More Information for 6 December Online Advent Worship


Join us 6 December for a free online Advent worship service with special music, including participation from many locations.

The event will open with Christmas carols from Mexico, the Asia field, and Zambia. The three members of the First Presidency will welcome viewers. After scripture from the Gospel of Luke, Ron Harmon Jr. will offer a Prayer of Invitation and Anticipation.

Apostle Mareva Arnaud Tchong from French Polynesia will deliver the homily.

While most of the event will be played from a recording, the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be live. The invitation will be presented simultaneously in English (First Presidency), Spanish (Apostle Carlos Enrique Mejia), and French (Apostle Bunda Chibwe).  

Members will answer "Where do you see (Joy/Hope/Love/Peace) Being Born Today?," with an opportunity for social media responses from viewers. The Disciples' Generous Response will come from Andrew Fox, field bishop of Eurasia Mission Field.

Prayers for Peace come next, followed by an international children's choir performing CCS #420, "Star-Child."

Grammy-nominated Organist-in-Residence Jan Kraybill will perform:

  • Congregational hymn:  "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus" (Community of Christ Sings No. 400) on organ
  • Sacrament of the Lord's Supper: "Wachet auf," an Advent hymn, by J.S. Bach
  • Reading: "Canticle of the Turning" (CCS No. 404), improvised piano music under reading
  • Postlude: Improvised organ postlude incorporating "Silent Night" and "Joseph, Kind Joseph"

This message of the holiday season will air at 4:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on Facebook and YouTube.

These online gatherings are made possible by Worldwide Mission Tithes. Your contributions are welcome online or by mail to the Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, USA.

Climate Change Colloquy Resumes 15 November


A climate change series sponsored by Community of Christ groups continues 15 November with Phase 2, featuring Dr. Richard Gammon who helped write the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report in 1990. 

The free webinar, “The Unraveling and Reweaving of Creation,” offers a detailed look at the climate change crisis itself—how we got here, the current status, and how to resolve the core issues.

This series helps participants align more fully with God’s inextinguishable spirit of goodness that calls all to God’s vision of a flourishing of life for all. Phase 1 of the series (to be archived on endeavored to anchor participants in the church’s sense of spirituality, particularly its fierce hope.

Gammon, a climate scientist educated at Princeton and Harvard, has observed climate change issues for 30 years and on 15 November will present information on the science behind climate change and offer current IPCC projections.

Registration is required for the webinar that starts at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 4:00 p.m. Central Time, and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, with more information here.

Participants are encouraged to discuss Gammon’s presentation on 19 November at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 8:00 p.m. Central Time, and 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. A second discussion will be 22 November at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 4:00 p.m. Central Time, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The series is sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center, led by the Community of Christ North American Climate Justice Team. Other events in Phase 2:

  • “Mitigating Climate Crisis” with Gammon presents and analyzes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change global recommendations on 10 January at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 4:00 p.m. Central Time, and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Community of Christ President Steve Veazey will dialogue with Dr. Gammon. 
    Discussions about Gammon’s topic will be on 21 January, 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 8:00 p.m. Central Time, and 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. A second opportunity is on 24 January at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 4:00 p.m. Central Time, and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • “Engaging the Faith Community” on 14 February with a panel of family members including Apostle Ron Harmon, with Zac and Katie Harmon-McLaughlin, and Emily Rose.
  • “Biodiversity Loss and Why it Matters” on 7 March with University of Washington climate scientist Phoebe Barnard exploring species biodiversity and the tipping points due to climate-based loss of species.

Phase 3 will be an in-person colloquy 29-31 October, 2021. 

19 November Lecture on Bishop R.C. Evans


"Church History Without Boundaries," a series of free online lectures, officially concludes 19 November. However, a bonus lecture has been scheduled 21 November.

The remaining scheduled lecture will be on "Bishop R.C. Evans of Canada: From the RLDS First Presidency to Schismatic Church Leader" with John Hamer at 7:00 p.m. Central Time on 19 November. Hamer will explore the life and legacy of Evans, who was born and raised in Canada. Within the RLDS church, Evans was convert, seventy, apostle, counselor in the First Presidency for two presidents, and bishop over Canada. Hamer will discuss Evans' leadership, the reasons for his sudden departure, and the founding of an opposition church. Register here.

The bonus lecture, "The Power of the Church Seal in the Life of Community of Christ" with Andrew Bolton, will be 21 November from noon to 1:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Bolton will explore the story behind the Community of Christ seal.

The seal has functioned as visual theology, taking the church from a past of violence to a people pursuing peace. In this lecture, Bolton will look at Isaiah 11:1-10 and a hymn that inspired the church seal. This is a presentation of history and theology that includes art, color, and design drawn from the use of the seal historically and internationally. Register here.

Online spaces are limited. Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation presents the lectures.

Previous lectures

"1830s Latter Day Saint Missiology" with Seth Bryant

"The Church Encounters Asia. Beginnings: Korea" with Steve Shields

"Community of Christ History in the Holy Land" with Barbara Walden

"A Global Family: Strategies for Visualizing and Narrating Community of Christ's Global History" with John-Charles Duffy

"The Story of Community of Christ in India" with David Howlett

"The Story of Community of Christ in Southeastern Nigeria" with Dima Hurlbut

"The Most Spectacular Harvest of Souls Since Wesley's Time: Latter Day Saint British Isles Missions, 1837-1863" with Andrew Bolton

Give the Gift of Hope


Join us 1 December for Giving Tuesday.  

Double the Good
This year a generous matching contribution of $200,000 has been pledged for this event. For example, a $25.00 contribution becomes $50.00.  

Any size donation to Worldwide Mission Tithes helps bring hope to people around the world! In 2020, contributions have meant:

  • COVID-19 crisis relief and oblation aid, including $100,500 to Haiti, Africa, Nepal, India, and Central and South America. And, a total of $63,614 in oblation aid in the United States. 
  • Ten chartered World Church teams with 136 members who provide guidance, advocacy, and education on Earth stewardship, diversity and inclusion, health and wholeness, spiritual formation, and peace and justice—among others.

How to Participate
In Canada, donate to Worldwide Mission Tithes on Canada Helps, by mail, or through e-transfer. In the USA, contributors can give on eTithing, by mail, or through text. Learn more about the giving options in Canada and the USA. 

Contribution updates will be posted 1 December on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity! 

New 'Worship Resources' Volume Available Now


Worship Resources Lectionary Year B: Beginning Advent 2020 to Advent 2021 is an important resource for worship planning needs from Advent 2020 to Advent 2021. This volume is now available from Herald House Publishing

A new feature of the book is the use of the Old Testament scriptures for more than half of the service outlines. The theme and worship planning for those Sundays will use the Old Testament scriptures recommended in the Revised Common Lectionary for Year B (semi-continuous reading).

Weekly worship outlines include Community of Christ worship themes, lectionary-based scriptures, ways to engage all ages, recommended hymns from Community of Christ Sings, drama scripts and responsive readings, specific prayers, focus moments, and worship settings. Worship outlines also are available online by calendar day. 

Also helpful are the two Sermon and Class Helps that provide commentary on the lectionary scriptures each week. They are also good resources for personal or small-group study. 

Register by 23 November for Advent Webinar Series


A free four-week online Advent series, “Trust What is Being Born,” begins 30 November. Members and friends of Community of Christ are invited to discover how, though times are uncertain, the Holy Spirit is constantly birthing something new and good.   

Although Advent is a time of waiting in darkness for the light of Christ, Christians trust what is forming unseen and rekindle hope for what may be. In 2020, these themes feel especially important and challenging as communities around the globe navigate crisis, uncertainty, and instability on many levels. What is breaking apart is also breaking open into new possibilities we could not have planned or predicted.

As part of this series, participants will receive invitations for spiritual practice, guided practice recordings, and weekly opportunities for spiritual community and connection. Though facilitated by Spiritual Director and Spiritual Formation Specialist Katie Harmon-McLaughlin, many voices from throughout the church will be invited to share, reflect, and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Participants are asked to register by 23 November for the English-only webinars that meet on Mondays through 21 December. The series is offered online twice each Monday: 9:00 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.   

These Zoom gatherings are made possible by Worldwide Mission Tithes. Your contributions are welcome online or by mail to the Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, USA.

A Generosity Cycle Reminder for Church Leaders


Community of Christ congregations and mission centers are invited to participate in the annual Generosity Cycle, 11 October-15 November.

The church celebrates various seasons, such as Advent and Lent, where our gaze is focused and we spend time in meaningful reflection and preparation. Similarly, the Generosity Cycle provides an annual opportunity to intentionally move together through a season of giving. The four phases of the cycle—Invite, Discover, Respond, and Reflect—encourage us to remember God’s extravagant grace and generosity to discover a deeper joy in living Christ’s mission, and to respond through whole-life stewardship as we reflect on our lives as generous disciples.

Disciples' Generous Response moments are focused on the four phases of the Generosity Cycle. Additional resources including a video and study guides also are available. 

More information about how congregations or mission centers can participate is available from or 800-884-7526.

USA Apostles Statement on the Nov. 3 Election


The USA team of Apostles released a statement on Friday regarding the November 3 election. 

Veazey: Trust in the Holy Spirit



In his most recent video, Community of Christ President Steve Veazey shares some important updates and words of encouragement with the church. As you prepare to hear his message, consider these additional resources:

  • View the principles and guidelines for offering the sacraments through online means during the pandemic that President Veazey references in his message. 
  • Listen to the Project Zion Podcast "Sharing Sacraments During COVID" where Linda Booth sits down with Scott Murphy to discuss these guidelines and what they mean for the church.

President Veazey's video has subtitles in French and Spanish.  

2020 Worldwide Mission Tithes Update Through September


Community of Christ members and friends are proving the resilience of generosity: They have given $8.25 million to Worldwide Mission Tithes through September.

Let’s sustain this generous response and meet the $12-$12.9 million goal for 2020.

Mark your calendars now for Giving Tuesday on December 1!

Special Daily Prayer for Peace Video on All Saints’ Day


On November 1, known in many Christian communities as All Saints’ Day, the church will remember friends and colleagues who have served Community of Christ and who have died in the past year.

The Daily Prayer for Peace on November 1 will reflect All Saints’ Day, with Kerry Richards, president of Canada East Mission Centre, delivering the service by recorded video on our Facebook page

We also will acknowledge those who walk with us on our faith journey. Consider those in your life that have walked with you and shaped your discipleship. They might have been parents, teachers, pastors, writers, or friends.

Watch the video beginning at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. The video also will be available for replay after that time.

European Peace Webinar Series Available Online


A series of web-based seminars from Community of Christ in Europe, "Peaceful Humanity – A New Creation," concluded 11 October with Keith Hebden receiving the 2020 European Peace Award. The free webinars are now online to use anytime.

  • Foundational WebinarRichard Wrangham – "Evolution and Human Violence," July 8 2020, including a Project Zion podcast.
  • Peace in the Neighbourhood: Andrew Bolton – "Dehumanisation Yesterday and Today: How to Act as a Neighbour," 23 July 2020, including a Project Zion podcast.
  • Forming Action Teams for Peace: Zac Harmon-McLaughlin – "Ecumenical and Interfaith Partnerships and Advocacy," 6 August, 2020, including a Project Zion podcast.
  • Peace for the Earth: Georgia and Ryan Comins – "Nonviolence and Diet: Can Peace Begin on our Plates?" 23 August, 2020, including a Project Zion podcast in two parts here and here.
  • Learning Peacemaking: Ellis Brooks – "Making Soldiers Out of Children: Is there Space for Peace in Schools," including a Project Zion podcast.
  • Peace on the Earth: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos – "Leo Tolstoy’s Political Thought," with a Project Zion podcast.
  • Peaceful Humanity – A New Creation (series theme): Steven M. Veazey, with a Project Zion podcast.
  • Finding Personal Peace: Hannah Langford and Sarah James – "Peace of Mind: Mental Health and Wellbeing," with a Project Zion podcast.
  • Peace in the Market Place: Keith Hebden – "Spirituality and Social Change," with a Project Zion podcast to come.

Sharing Sacraments


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to reduce opportunities for the church to provide in-person pastoral-care ministries and to gather physically for fellowship, worship, and community formation. After extended consideration, the Presidency is providing principles and guidelines for offering the sacraments through online means during the pandemic. These principles and guidelines may be refined in the future as the church lives into its experiences with online ministries.

It is our hope that providing for the sacraments to be shared through online experiences will continue the pastoral-care ministries the church is called to extend into human life, even during this time of physical distancing. It also will provide the church learnings for how to share the sacraments in a world that is becoming more borderless through online connections. May blessings abound as you offer these gifts.

Worldwide Mission Tithes through August total $7.3 million


Total contributions to Worldwide Mission Tithes through August 31 are $7.3 million. 

Wondering what is the best way to support mission? Sign up for a recurring contribution through eTithing

It makes giving easy for you and your financial officer!

Toward the Peaceful One Discussion 7 December


As we continue to study the guiding question, Are We Moving Toward Jesus, the Peaceful One?, a yearlong series of linked Herald magazine articles, videos, and live online discussions is underway.

Join us the 7 December for the next discussion. Register today.

The guiding question first was asked by President Stephen Veazey in his closing sermon at the 2019 World Conference. The series is an entry point to ongoing conversation about nonviolence by reclaiming and deepening our understanding of first-century Jesus and how that affects us as his followers. The multimedia connection points are intended to create opportunities for discussion and education in response to World Conference Resolution 1319.

More on this series

Read: The Herald series began in the May/June issue with “Toward the Peaceful One: Jesus Christ in Restoration Perspective.” It is also online. The series continues through May/June 2021 with topics drawn from Doctrine and Covenants 163:4a-b exploring what nonviolence looks like from the perspective of the poor, displaced, mistreated, diseased, and more.

Discuss: Online groups will be offered via Zoom on the first Mondays of October, December, February 2021, April, and June. Each gathering will feature a panel of authors and other speakers related to the topic. 

“Whether someone starts with a belief in Jesus or concern for the world’s pressing problems, the hope we can find in divine possibilities is something we search and yearn for,” said Matt Frizzell, Human Resource Ministries director and Community of Christ minister.

These articles, the video series, and Zoom gatherings are made possible by Worldwide Mission Tithes. Your contributions are welcome online or by mail to the Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, USA.

Reminder: Anti-Bias Workshop 1 November


Congregations, mission centers, and members are invited to a free online event from the Community of Christ Diversity and Inclusion Team.

"Resisting Unconscious Bias and Building Inclusiveness" will be offered at 5:00 p.m. on 1 November. 

Cathi Cackler-Veazey and Gwendolyn Hawks-Blue are team co-leaders. To register for the event, contact either or

The Diversity and Inclusion Team upholds the worth of persons and supports sharing the peace of Jesus Christ. It provides an underpinning to the church’s foundation by upholding inclusive beliefs and behaviors in relation to human interactions. Its focus is upon education, advocacy, inclusion, and organizational change in support of justice and covenant with one another and God.

More information is available at the Diversity and Inclusion Team page.

Save These December Dates


Please make a note of two events that are significant in the life of Community of Christ:

1 December: Giving Tuesday is an event aimed at the online community, a reminder to share generously with the church, specifically through eTithing. Throughout the day the Communications Team will post a running total in social media and on Matching funds will be available again this year.  

6 December: Advent! This free online service with special music is open to all and will include participation from many locations. Join us for this message of the holiday season.

World Church Finance Board Approves 2019b Audit


On 24 September 2020, the World Church Finance Board met virtually to consider Calendar Year 2019b (1 July 2019–31 December 2019) Community of Christ audit prepared by independent firm RSM. The board accepted the audit and it is now available to read.

President Veazey on the Healing Power of Human Connection


How are you building connections during the global pandemic? In his most recent video, President Steve Veazey encourages us to explore innovative ways to grow communities of joy, hope, love, and peace. President Veazey recommends a book by Vivek Murthy, Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World.

Captions on the president's video are available in English, French, and Spanish. 

Many Thanks to Our Contributors


Your generosity is making a difference!

Stassi Cramm, Community of Christ presiding bishop, recently recorded a message thanking all for their continued support despite the ongoing unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cramm tells viewers: "Whereas many nonprofits and religious organizations are tending toward 60 percent or less of planned 2020 income, Community of Christ is trending toward 80 percent or more!" 

After you watch the video, read the most recent Generosity Report for examples of accomplishments in the first months of 2020.

Bridge of Hope Now Totals $76 Million


Thanks to the generosity and hard work of many, as of June 30, 2020, the church is $76 million toward the $120 million dollar retirement responsibility goal. That leaves $44 million left to go by January 1, 2024. Church leaders are grateful for the dedicated efforts of all those who are committed to helping meet this goal.

President's Message: 'We Must Speak and Act Against Racism'


In his most recent video message, President Stephen Veazey shares some of his own experience in awakening to and confronting racial injustice. His challenge focuses on how racism denies the Worth of All Persons, one of the church’s Enduring Principles. Racism operates in opposition to the reign of God on Earth. If we are for the Worth of All Persons and the reign of God on Earth—as Jesus calls us to be—then we must speak and act against racism in all its subtle and not-so-subtle forms.

Statement on the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


August 6 and 9 mark the somber 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. World Conference Resolution 1178, Nuclear Arms Reduction; and WCR 1303, Action toward Nuclear Weapons Abolition, encourage the church to denounce the violence of nuclear weapons and acknowledge the suffering they cause. 

We are grateful for the global hibakusha (survivors) who have courageously borne witness, often amid great difficulty. 

As a people dedicated to peace, reconciliation, and healing of the spirit, Community of Christ joined 189 organizations that signed a statement in opposition to nuclear weapons, making it one of the largest and most diverse interfaith proclamations against nuclear weapons to date. 

The signatories, coordinated by Faith Communities Concerned About Nuclear Weapons, remind us that we can act together from a place of determination, resilience and joy to make the world a different place. Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jain and indigenous voices came together on this statement.

Doctrine and Covenants 161:2a reminds us to: “Become a people of the Temple—those who see violence but proclaim peace, who feel conflict yet extend the hand of reconciliation, who encounter broken spirits and find pathways for healing.”

The church continues to find those pathways through its prayers and ongoing programs, Toward Jesus the Peaceful One; a series of internet lectures from Europe, Peaceful Humanity—A New Creation; and the Daily Prayer for Peace, among others.

Worship Elements for Use When Congregations Reopen


Worship Ministries has created elements for use when the time is right to gather physically for services called Sacred Togetherness Again—A New Journey. Six weeks of proposed worship elements begin the journey. Leaders can choose to use a few in worship planning or incorporate all the elements each week. 

Food Aid Boxes Distributed at Auditorium


More than 100 vehicles were waiting at 10:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time on Thursday, 11 June, in the parking area at the Community of Christ Auditorium, Independence, Missouri, USA, where the occupants received free boxes of food.

Volunteers from Central Mission Center in Independence gathered on the parking lot as food was prepared for distribution. As cars rolled past, volunteers offered dairy products and produce intended to aid families and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis.

By 12:30 p.m. all the food had been distributed. Community Services League, in cooperation with the Farmers to Family Food Box program through the US Department of Agriculture, made the event possible.

The Auditorium parking lot will be a weekly distribution site through August. 

Leadership Update: Jeffrey Naylor


As stated in the May 2020 Letter of Counsel, Jeffrey A. Naylor was to be released from the Presiding Bishopric by his request at the end of September. In working to balance and prioritize his “professional, personal, and family responsibilities,” Jeff has realized this action needs to occur now. Therefore, Jeff is released from the Presiding Bishopric effective 8 June, 2020. The church continues to be grateful for Jeff’s self-sustaining service during this challenging time.

   –The First Presidency

More World Church Disaster Relief/Oblation Aid Made Available


Just over $45,000 in COVID-19 crisis support was distributed 5 June to families and individuals in three areas.

  • Haiti: Two mission centers received a total of $30,000 in World Church Disaster Relief/Oblation Aid that will help 400 families. Food baskets including rice, beans, sugar, and cooking oil were to be distributed.
  • Africa: Five mission centers (Malawi, Kenya, Liberia, Zambia, South Africa) received a total of $11,300 to help supply food. 
    From Apostle Catherine Mambwe: “Most of the members have lost their employment due to the pandemic. They have been out of employment for at least two months now. With the lockdowns in their nations, feeding has been extremely difficult. … Aid will help them move from this helpless situation.”
  • Nepal: The mission center received a total of $4,200 for 130 families in seven congregations. They will get rice, red lentils, cooking oil, salt, sugar, soybean Nutrela, tea powder, and soap.

To date, $63,614 in US oblation aid has been reported in 2020. Total US oblation aid in 2019 was $177,026. Contact your congregation's financial officer to learn more about oblation assistance. 

World Conference Resolutions Reminder



Mission centers are urged to begin consideration of legislation to submit for 2022 World Conference.

Items should address significant issues that would concern the entire church. Resolutions should propose actions that are clearly defined, capable of being readily implemented, and directly address the concerns raised. 

Resolutions submitted early in the inter-conference period will benefit from ample time for translation, collaborative review by church leaders and mission centers, and more thorough churchwide discernment. 

World Conference Resolution 1308, “Time for Introduction of New Business,”  states:

Resolved, That for legislation to come before World Conference, such legislation must be submitted to the First Presidency no later than one year before the opening of each World Conference. 

Submissions are due 3 June 2021 and should be sent to Susan Sloan, World Church secretary, at Community of Christ International Headquarters or to Sooner is better!

Oblation Funds Buy Food for Families in Africa


Community of Christ sent $11,170 in COVID-19 crisis support on 15 May to six mission centers in Africa.

The money from World Church Disaster Relief/Oblation aided 1,306 families in 155 congregations. Families received corn, flour, cooking oil, rice, tomato paste, salt, sugar, and green beans.

Mission centers included: Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kinshasa, Lualaba, Haut Katanga, and Tanganyika. Distribution was managed by Baka Blé, financial officer for Central and West Africa Field.

Council of Twelve USA Team Statement on Racial Injustice


The USA Team of Apostles urges friends and members of Community of Christ to read a statement from the team released 1 June regarding current events. The statement also will be posted across the church's social media network. Thank you for you faithful support of Christ’s mission. 

Preparing to Reopen In-person Congregation Gatherings


As governments begin to reopen economies and social life, the Presidency is providing this resource to assist congregations in preparing to resume in-person gatherings when appropriate. These guidelines are not telling congregations they must reopen beginning 1 June.

Community of Christ is a global community. This means the basic guidelines will be reviewed and modified, as needed, by local leaders and field apostles to address the specific criteria established by each government.

In ALL cases, congregation leaders need to work with their mission center president and supervising apostle to develop plans to reopen congregations for in-person gatherings.

Letter of Counsel


President Stephen M. Veazey shares this letter of counsel with the church detailing changes in the World Church Leadership Council.

As announced 26 May 2020, 18 paid, full-time-equivalent positions at International Headquarters, in the field, and the World Church Leadership Council will end by 31 December 2020 to achieve the new budget levels for 2021. Notifications to field and International Headquarters employees will be completed by 9 June 2020.

Details about the changes in ministries and services caused by these reductions will be provided in the December 2020 Financial Update after the World Church Finance Board approves the 2021 Worldwide Mission Budget.

This is a difficult time for the church and especially for its employees. Please be prayerful and compassionate as we mourn the departure of friends and colleagues.

President Veazey: Sustaining the Church in Trying Times


In a recorded message that underlines moments of hope, President Steve Veazey explains budget constraints and Community of Christ staff reductions ahead. He also urges wisdom and caution as congregations consider resuming in-person worship.

May 2020 Financial Update


In the May 2020 financial update the Presiding Bishopric shared details about the church’s current economic situation and other information from the 21 May meeting of the World Church Finance Board. The next financial board report will be in December 2020.

Learn more at

COVID-19 Update on Reopening Churches


The First Presidency has continued to monitor the progression of COVID-19 and the recommendations from professional health organizations and local governments. While health organizations continue to express caution, local governments are beginning to relax stay-at-home orders and make provisions for businesses and churches to reopen with modified in-person gatherings. The Presidency has been prayerful in how to guide the church in this next phase.

After consulting the World Church Leadership Council, which provides a global perspective, we are offering these recommendations.

Oblation Funds Buy Food for Families in India


Community of Christ sent $19,500 in COVID-19 crisis support on 8 May to the states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in India.
The money from World Church Disaster Relief/Oblation will aid 84 congregations and 2,413 families. Each family will get 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds) of rice, 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of dried legumes known as dal, and two bars of soap. Transportation costs also will be paid.
“This support will provide important assistance to our church members and friends in villages that have suffered economically from the COVID-19 shutdown,” said Field Bishop Mark Euritt. 

Fiscal Year 2019 Audit Approved


Members of the World Church Finance Board approved the Fiscal Year 2019 Audit on 30 April. It is now available online.

Thank You For Your Contributions!


Community of Christ donors are the best!

The total contributed 5 May on Giving Tuesday NOW in the USA and Canada, including matching funds, was $100,062 (USD).

This online effort was launched globally in response to the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your participation and to those who tried a text-to-give function through 1-844-964-1444. 

We encourage you to continue to give as you are able to Worldwide Mission Tithes and Local Mission Tithes. 

COVID-19 Disrupts Spectacular, IYF Plans


Spectacular 2020 and IYF 2021, the leading Community of Christ events for youth, will not take place as planned.

A lengthy Spec leadership discussion and review of public health data regarding COVID-19 preceded the decision to cancel the July 2020 event. Spec participants live, eat, learn, play and worship together, so maintaining the recommended physical distance of 6-10 feet and a coronavirus-free environment would be nearly impossible. An online experience for 2020 and an additional year of eligibility for current seniors are under discussion. 

International Youth Forum attracts hundreds of teenagers to the Temple complex in Independence, Missouri, USA. It was postponed until 2023. The Council of Twelve, on the recommendation the IYF 2021 directors, made the decision. For many IYF participants and their families, the cost would be unaffordable because of financial hardship caused by COVID-19. IYF Le Buena Fe in Honduras also was postponed. 

More information will be shared when it is available.

Sheltering in Place: A Message from President Veazey


President Steve Veazey draws insights from the disciples of Jesus who were isolated and afraid. When the Living Christ appeared to them, his words were of peace. What assurance of peace do you need today?

Ideas for connection and recommended spiritual practices are available in a Spiritual Check-in document. Connect with the church on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Financial Support for Mission During the Pandemic


Many thanks to those who have been able to continue supporting mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. World church leaders are grateful to those using eTithing or mailing their mission tithes to congregational financial officers or International Headquarters.

Traditionally, almost 80 percent of mission tithes come through the offering plate. However, because the church is not physically gathering to worship, and because some members and friends face financial hardship during this emergency, local and worldwide mission tithes have substantially declined. While it is difficult to project or accurately report what is happening, the Presiding Bishopric monitors funds received on a weekly basis and is adjusting plans as needed.

One bright spot is increased use of eTithing: In March and April to date, 363 individuals/families have signed up for this online method of giving. Thank you to those who are trying this method of giving!

As you are able, church leaders ask you continue to contribute and even consider increasing your giving to local and worldwide mission tithes. ETithing is the easiest way. Or, send a check to your congregational financial officer or to International Headquarters, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, 64050, USA.

If you are struggling financially, reach out to your congregation or mission center financial officer for Oblation aid.

Herald Publishing House Resumes Operation


Herald Publishing House, located in the Community of Christ Auditorium, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, USA, has resumed distribution of books and other church materials.

Business was interrupted in March when the church headquarters complex and other sites across the country closed in compliance with orders regarding COVID-19.

To ensure continued employee safety, Herald House will operate with minimal staff. Other Community of Christ buildings and sites remain closed, likely through June.

For more information, go to, call 1-800-767-8181 or (816) 521-3015. 

Our Continued Response to COVID-19


The First Presidency has continued to monitor recommendations from professional health organizations about preventing the spread of COVID-19. Many nations continue to recommend the suspension of group gatherings. Based on our review, the First Presidency is advising congregations and mission centers to continue suspending church gatherings. Read more

Community of Christ Extends Closing Date for Sites


The Community of Christ temples, Auditorium, headquarters and historic sites around the USA will remain closed to the public through June 30. Church officials also extended a current work-from-home strategy for many employees. 

The decision to extend the plan reflects the Presidency’s continued concern for the welfare of staff and their families. The selected date is fluid, based on government and public-health recommendations. The First Presidency also advises congregations and mission centers to continue suspension of church gatherings. 

Church Receives Funds to Help Cover Payroll, Utilities During COVID-19 Emergency


On Friday, 10 April, Community of Christ received $1.53 million USD as a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program, which is part of the CARES Act enacted by the USA government.

The loan will be used to cover employee payroll and utilities for eight weeks. Loan amounts used for these purposes during the eight-week time frame are forgiven. Any amount not used for eligible expenses will be repaid at the end of the eight-week period. 

The PPP loan will help bridge the gap for lost income due to cancelled events at the Auditorium and historic sites, lost preservation fees and sales due to closed historic sites and limited sales from Herald House, as well as anticipated shortfalls in Worldwide Mission Tithes.  

While this funding will be a significant help in filling a short-term gap, continued support of Worldwide Mission Tithes and local tithes by those who are able is critical as the church navigates the months during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Living Hope' Video Available Online


As we continue to find new ways of being together when physical distancing guidelines prevent gatherings, you're invited to view "Living Hope," an online worship experience recorded for Easter, April 12, now available on YouTube

Enjoy this uplifting message in music, prayers, reflections from members around the world, and a homily by President Steve Veazey. 

Worldwide Mission Tithes made this event possible. To give, go to eTithing or, if your country isn't represented there, send a check to Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, 64050, USA.

Oblation Aid goes to Apostle Mejia’s Field


In response to the COVID-19 emergency, Community of Christ has sent $35,500 USD to help families in Central and South America buy food. These funds were matched in that region by an additional $7,500.

Apostle Carlos Enrique Mejia said 643 families will benefit from the funds. The effects of coronavirus mean many people in Mejia’s area are unemployed and have no money for food. “Some pastors have used some reserves of the offerings to help families,” he said, but the need exceeds those funds, and government aid is erratic or unavailable.

International Headquarters has not received any other requests directly to this point. Individuals or families who need aid should contact a congregational financial officer. 

Worldwide Mission Tithes make this support possible. To give, go to eTithing or mail a check to Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri 64050.

Tending Our Souls


In his most recent message, President Steve Veazey invites us to pause, rest, and tend to our souls during these turbulent times. He reminds us that, "This can be a time for us to deepen our understanding of the principle of sabbath as an opportunity for us to do some soul tending." 

As we prepare for Easter, President Veazey also ponders the role of attentiveness. 

Trust in God, Live by Faith



In his weekly message, President Steve Veazey asks us, "How are you doing? Are you getting impatient? Are you grieving the cancellation of activities and events? Are you frustrated or angry about not knowing how or when this situation ends?" 

President Veazey acknowledges that in challenging times he sometimes feels like yelling at God, "Enough already!" Can you relate to this in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic? 

Insights found in the Book of Habakkuk in the Hebrew scriptures by President Veazey provide words of encouragement in turbulent times.

Ideas for connection and recommended spiritual practices are available in the Spiritual Check-in document. Connect with the church on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Help for Those Affected by COVID-19


Oblation aid is available for individuals and families in financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19. As a reminder, oblation aid is part of the Worldwide Mission budget. Your contributions to Worldwide Mission Tithes support mission around the world, including aid to those who need it most. For information about oblation aid, contact a congregational financial officer.

A Spiritual Check-in


As congregations around the globe are not gathering in person, many are wondering about meaningful ways to stay connected to God and each other. In this week's video with President Steve Veazey, he shares how he's staying centered during this situation and invites us to examine our own response. The ideas for connection and recommended spiritual practices he mentions in the video are available in the Spiritual Check-in document. 

Church meetings suspension extended


As part of the church's COVID-19 prevention program, the First Presidency has extended the recommended suspension of church gatherings around the world.

Sacraments and COVID-19


From the First Presidency: During the COVID-19 pandemic priesthood members will be asked to provide various sacraments. In all instances, priesthood members should respect public health guidelines that state people should practice “social distancing” and avoid, as much as possible, personal contact through which the infection spreads. In these unusual circumstances, the Presidency offers guidance related to the sacraments.

None of us walks alone in these troubled times


The USA Team of the Council of Twelve offers a message regarding the effect of COVID-19. Please share with those you think would benefit from these words of support.

Prayer for God's Comfort, Blessing In This Time of Global Illness


Community of Christ President Stephen Veazey has written a prayer for this time of uncertainty and fear. He shared this prayer as a video on YouTube.   

You can also read the prayer here:!/3436/a-prayer-for-a-time-of-global-sickness-and-fear

The prayer is also available in French and Spanish

Ongoing Response to COVID-19 Virus


After considering many factors, the First Presidency advises congregations and mission centers to suspend church gatherings in response to the projected spread of the COVID-19 virus. Read more

This situation is fluid. Church-related COVID-19 updates will be provided at

Reunion Resources Now Available


We pray COVID-19 concerns have dissipated in time for reunion/family camps.

As we consider the scheduling of these events, reunion 2020 materials are here. They're posted online and in the resource database. PDFs for adult, youth and children's materials are available, plus worship and sharing services. This year's adult lessons are based on A Way of Life: Understanding Our Christian Faith by Tony Chvala-Smith -- a book available through Herald House. Choose Generosity: Discovering Whole-Life Stewardship also is frequently mentioned.

Use of the PDFs is free, but a fee is charged for the books. 

Youth Worker Registration Required


Registered Child and Youth Worker application forms are available for mission center officers, youth ministers, and camp directors in North America. Youth worker registration is required.

To make it easier to submit completed applications electronically, the RCYW form is available as a fillable PDF document. Application Guidance Notes and a Mission Center Checklist also are available.  

Submit completed RCYW applications to for approval and registration.  

Applications submitted electronically are preferred because they require less time to process. If necessary, paper applications can still be mailed or faxed to the Office of General Counsel, (816)-521-3099.

Thank you to all mission center, congregational, and camping staff for your continued efforts ensuring that any person working with children and youth at Community of Christ events has received the necessary youth worker training and has been registered as a youth worker.

Organist-in-residence Experiences the Grammy Awards


On Sunday, January 26, Organist-in-residence Jan Kraybill represented her recently released album, The Orchestral Organ, at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. 

The recording did not win but had been nominated in three Grammy categories, the winners of which were named during a daytime event. Kraybill is organist-in-residence at Community of Christ Headquarters, Independence, MO, USA. She was in the audience.

"Just being on the list of nominees was winning, as far as I'm concerned," Kraybill said.

The nominations:

  • Best classical instrumental solo for Kraybill’s performance
  • Producer of the year, classical, for Marina A. Ledin and Victor Ledin of Reference Recordings
  • Best immersive audio album for technical design by Keith O. Johnson, Marina A Ledin, and Victor Ledin of Reference Recordings. “Immersive” indicates high-quality audio, but the CD is compatible with nearly all players.

Kraybill’s recording was made on the Julia Irene Kauffman organ in Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Kraybill plays and oversees the care of the Kansas City area’s three largest pipe organs: Community of Christ Auditorium’s 113-rank Aeolian-Skinner and Temple’s 102-rank Casavant, and the 102-rank Casavant at the Kauffman Center. 

For many years, Kraybill was principal organist for Community of Christ. She holds a doctorate in organ performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Conservatory of Music and Dance. In 2010 she achieved an organist's highest certification: fellow of the AGO. 

Kraybill also is organist at Village on Antioch Presbyterian Church, Overland Park, Kansas, USA. 

Visit the Herald House On the Internet


The publishing arm of Community of Christ is at, with everything from lessons to apparel.

The website has a clean, easy-to-use design and secure checkout. The site is well organized and customers can create accounts, rate products, and add comments. It is designed to view on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Missouri congregations that set up an account on the new website must contact prior to placing their first order so that merchandise can be tax exempt.

Visit today! 

AmazonSmile Supports Community of Christ


As many of you purchase gifts for the holidays, please remember that Community of Christ is registered as a charitable organization through AmazonSmile. 

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Community of Christ whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

If you are an Amazon shopper, please consider making Community of Christ the recipient of a portion of your eligible sales. Simply click this link to (for our Canadian members and friends, please use this link for a similar option at and Community of Christ will automatically become the charitable organization of your choice. You can change it at anytime. If you search for us, please search "Community of Christ Independence" in order have us show up on the first page of results. 

Community of Christ Social Media Ethics Statement


The mission of Community of Christ is to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace. Social media provides opportunities for self-expression, community building, witness and education, faithful disagreement, and fulfillment of Christ’s mission. Social media, which provides ways to make relationships and engage in dialogue, has tools to promote or diminish Christ’s mission. 

The purpose of this ethics statement is to affirm for Community of Christ disciples and priesthood that Christ’s calling is lived out in all aspects of our lives including interactions on social media. Priesthood members and disciples of Jesus should consider the following guidance when using social media. The five elements of this guidance work together and should not be applied separately when applied to interactions and relationships on social media.

Updated Guidelines for Communion, Priesthood Release for Cause


As announced at the 2019 World Conference, the First Presidency was preparing updated Guidelines for Serving the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (Communion). After receiving feedback from the church and priesthood quorum and orders, the Presidency is releasing these updated guidelines.

Included are principles for providing online participation in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. During his closing message to the World Conference and church, President Steve Veazey shared these words of counsel:

Technology presents opportunities for involvement in sacraments by priesthood members and participants in separate locations. The First Presidency will act in its calling as chief interpreters of scripture, revelation, and church policies to provide procedures for offering sacraments in new situations while upholding essential meanings and symbols of the sacraments. As the church explores new opportunities for sharing sacraments, direction will come as needed through inspiration and wisdom.

Additional meaning is waiting to be discovered in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Renewing covenant with Jesus Christ includes the call to live as peaceful human beings who personify Christ’s peace.

Spiritual blessing will be experienced when this call is emphasized as a vital aspect of the sacrament. Cherish opportunities to be spiritually formed by Christ’s sacred meal of remembrance, reconciliation, renewal, and peace.


WCR 1316 Priesthood Release for Cause was approved at the 2019 World Conference. In response, the Presidency is releasing updated administrative procedures.

Members of the Council of Twelve Apostles will develop educational opportunities to assist local leaders in the implementation of the Guidelines on Serving the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and new administrative procedures for priesthood release for cause.

The documents can be found here and here.

Tell Us About Your Ministries


We need stories of ministry and mission by individuals, congregations, and mission centers. They can help others, set examples, and provide inspiration throughout the church and beyond.

Stories can be considered for the Herald,, and other communication channels. If you have photos that go with your stories, send them, too. Each photo should be at least 1 megabyte, and bigger is better. If available, send the photographer’s name as well.

We’ll be waiting at to see what wonderful ministries our members are doing.

“Choose Generosity” Explains the Role of Stewardship as a Whole-Life Response


“All of giving begins and ends with God.” 

When President Steve Veazey made this remark, he pinpointed Community of Christ’s vision of generosity. 

A new publication, Choose Generosity: Discovering Whole-Life Stewardship, explains how stewardship includes our generous response on Sunday morning but, more importantly, is embraced through our actions and responses in all aspects of our lives. 

This 120-page resource provides insights about the importance of embracing generosity—receiving and giving—and deepening our discipleship with Christ. Through this easily understood book, individuals, families and groups can learn how stewardship means choosing to live our lives generously each and every day. 

The Six Principles of a Disciple’s Generous Response, from Receive God’s Gifts to Share Generously and Spend Responsibly, are explored. Each section includes questions for reflection. 

Choose Generosity, in English, is $10.95 at Herald House.

"Way of Life" Is a Straightforward Guide to Understanding Our Faith


Amid the global challenges of the 21st century, Community of Christ members and seekers want more than ever to make sense of the church’s deepest convictions.
A Way of Life: Understanding Our Christian Faith, a book by theologian and teacher Anthony Chvala-Smith, investigates in direct, easily understood language what it means to follow Jesus Christ in today’s world.
At 141 pages this work of theology speaks passionately from both Community of Christ’s transforming vision and the rich resources of the wider Christian tradition.
A Way of Life is a revised and much-expanded version of Understanding the Way. Addressing new topics such as “The Reasonableness of Faith,” “Faith and Science,” and “The Embodied Life,” this book, even more than its predecessor, brings the church’s faith into creative conversation with some of the urgent social and spiritual needs of the present.

“I am convinced,” Chvala-Smith wrote in the preface, “that Community of Christ has glimpsed something breathtaking, restorative, and transforming: a vision of Christian faith that not only critiques shallow distortions, but offers a luminous way of life shaped by an ongoing encounter with the Living Christ.” 

A Way of Life: Understanding Our Christian Faith is $8.95, in English, from Herald House. It's also available as an e-book.

Copyright Information Updated for Congregations, Leaders


Updated information and guidance regarding copyright and trademarks is available at

In response to suggestions and frequently asked questions from Community of Christ members and leaders, the Office of General Counsel has added copyright information about streaming or podcasting worship services, using online content, posting online, and the use of YouTube videos in church.

Expanded information about copyright exemptions, licenses, and permissions is included in the online update. The subject of trademarks is covered, including specifics about the use of Community of Christ trademarks.

Congregations and mission centers are encouraged to review this information. Copyright questions also can be answered by email.

Thank you to all members, priesthood, and leaders for your continued efforts to remain compliant with copyright and trademark law, and ensure any copyrighted material is used responsibly in your congregation and mission center worship services, online presence, resources, and other ministries.

Please remember that, even when living exciting expressions of our faith and mission, we have a legal and a moral obligation to respect the rights of those who have created copyrighted materials.

RSS Capability Added to Website


The Communications Team has announced the release of four free RSS feeds at These include Daily Bread, Daily Prayer for Peace, Announcements, and Mission Stories.

Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a way to bring digital content to a user automatically. It also provides a way for web designers and managers to embed content from these sections of on a web page. The embedded area then updates when new content is added on

The request to add this feature came from several people in the field. We hope other congregational and mission center website managers will find it useful to embed or subscribe to RSS feeds to get updated content from Individuals who use RSS readers also may subscribe to this service. 

Send questions about these RSS feeds to the Online Media Team at

Sacrament Videos Available Online


 The simple beauty of Community of Christ’s sacraments is featured in a series of videos available for viewing on 

The series was designed for training priesthood members, but the brief, inspirational videos will appeal to anyone with an interest in the church. We thank all involved in producing these videos. They are available in English, French, and Spanish. 

The sacraments portrayed are baptism, confirmation, The Lord’s Supper (communion), marriage, blessing of children, laying on of hands for the sick, and ordination. The sacrament of evangelist blessing has a series of five videos that continue to be available from the Order of Evangelists. 

Community of Christ affirms God sanctifies common elements of creation — reflected in the sacraments — to bless human life and to renew and form the church to seek the peaceful kingdom of God. The videos: 

Discernment Guide, Videos Free on


A new resource is available for individuals and communities seeking to engage in discernment, the practice of seeking and following the movement of the Spirit.  

Personal and Communal Discernment Guide includes four videos and an accompanying PDF file with tools, practices, and reflections. 

This resource is intended for individuals and communities discerning Christ’s mission as they ask questions about vocation, identity, leadership, and the future. The guide and videos are available in English.


USA Apostles Affirm Veazey Statement on Refugee Families


The USA Apostles of Community of Christ join President Stephen Veazey (announcement below) in contacting United States government officials to end the current policy of separating children from their refugee immigrant parents.

One of our Enduring Principles, Worth of All Persons, calls us to "challenge unjust systems that diminish human worth."

We also urge members and friends of the church who share this concern to communicate their views to government officials and legislators. 

In Christ’s peace,

Linda Booth
Barbara Carter
Janné Grover
Ron Harmon
Robin Linkhart
Lachlan Mackay

Statement from President Veazey Regarding Immigrant Families


On Friday, June 15, I contacted the United States Attorney General by email and voicemail to express my grave concern about the policy of separating children from their refugee immigrant parents.

I stated that such a practice is ungodly, unchristian, and contrary to scriptural teachings about how to treat the most vulnerable in our midst, especially children.

I called on the attorney general to immediately end the current policy because it is unjust and unacceptable. I urge other members and friends of the church who share this concern to communicate your views to governmental officials.

We must join our voices and efforts with others who are working daily to liberate the children and reunite them with their families.

— President Stephen M. Veazey

Free Member-Submitted Lessons, Music Available


More than 50 examples of lessons and music created by Community of Christ members are now available on for download to members and congregations. 

All materials in the Member Created area on the website are free. On the site are lessons, song lyrics, and sheet music for worship—including small-group lessons for youth. 

Additional materials are welcome. To submit a resource for possible inclusion on, see the Member Created area for instructions.

Every Congregation's History Matters


Congregational historians are needed to help share our sacred story! To appoint a historian:

  • Choose someone in your congregation to represent your history. Make sure this person is willing and available to serve.
  • The congregation's pastor or mission center president then contacts the World Church librarian-archivist at, supplying the name and address of the nominee.
  • An official appointment letter and writing guidelines will be sent to the new historian.

Letter Regarding Political Climate


The First Presidency and USA Apostles released a letter about the political climate in the USA:   

If you are a congregational leader, we invite you to share this letter with your congregation. 

Thank you for everything you do to support Christ’s mission!